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What to expect in Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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When you think about Dubai the first thing that comes to mind are the fine Emirati men or wait I meant to say the tallest building in the world which technically was built by men so yeah we can justify that thought but back to that a little later.

So I had the opportunity to visit this huge building and let me tell you it is a money trap. But don’t let that deter you from visiting because it is beautiful. The people who built this building were extremely smart. I mean they built the tallest building in the world next to The Dubai Mall or is it part of the mall? Who knows. All I can say is you go through the mall to get inside the Burj Khalifa.
First thing first, Burj Khalifa entry fee

burj khalifa dubai

Image credit: grayline

Now if you are a frugal person like me then it is not a problem to wiz through the mall and not look at a damn thing but for you shopaholics you may have a problem. I went with a tour group but if you are a solo traveler, the cheapest place I found to get tickets was either Dubai Groupon or Viator. It will cost around $38 to get to the top of this building.

Burj Khalifa facts

Once you get past the ticketing counter you will walk a little ways to get to the fastest elevator in the world. The elevator will take you to the 124th floor and the other the 125th floor. It really doesn’t matter which floor you go to, because you can use the stairs to travel between the two. But you should visit both floors because the view is slightly different.


Now these elevators travel 1969 feet per minute but you can’t barely tell that you are going that fast because they show you a video while you are going up. The doors open and you expect to see heaven but nope you are greeted with “come over here, let me take your picture,” and “step over here please” for the next picture. The pictures will cost you 245 Durhams which is around $66 for two pictures. So you see you can get caught up in this trap because you know you want some professional pictures. But all it is…is your photo placed on their background and a picture in front of the window super imposed on their background. Is it worth it…no! It looked real cheesy to me. I’m not a professional photographer by any means but I think I could have produced better.

burj khalifa top floor

Burj Khalifa top floor

Below are a few pictures that I took. Not the best quality due to a sand storm. So I had to use a few filters to get the pictures to come out a little clear. The picture were taken from the 125th floor.

Scenary from the the top building of Burj Khalifa

So that’s it…a tall building with great photo opportunity unless there is a sand storm. Now the Burj Khalifa does have a restaurant/lounge. This is where you will have to dig deep into your pockets. Atmosphere is a real popular restaurant but expect to dish out $$$ to eat and wear your finest clothes.

A little bit shady!

The Burj Khalifa is one of the few places in Dubai that except visa card without being shady with it. You will find some establishments in Dubai, they will accept your visa card but will attempt to add on fees. So I would suggest you to just using their currency while in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa Lounge

Image credit : burjkhalifa

So is it worth a visit? I would say yes. Only if you love architecture but that is all you are expecting to see at the top of Burj Khalifa so if that is not your thing…don’t waste your time. You will absolutely want to take plenty of great photos from the bottom.

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