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Visiting a historical place in Romania, Peles Castle

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Peles Castle is located in the foothills Bucegi, in the town of Sinaia, Romania. Sinaia is a beautiful small town. I really like the atmosphere of this small town. Peles Castle is a must-see tourist attraction in Romania. This is one of many stunning castles in Europe.


There are 2 kinds of tickets for admission. The first one, is to visit the middle floor, which means that you are only allowed to see – look up to the middle floor, then had to stop and go back down. And then the second one is the ticket that’s only allowed you to see and take pictures from the middle floor to the top floor.

Peles Castle was designed as a summer residence of the royal family until 1947. Built in 1873 and completed in 1883 CE. The palace has 160 rooms. All rooms are very beautiful, with a variety of colors – colors according to the room name or the name of an occupant. Ornaments made of different kinds of wood, glass and lights – lights that are very beautiful.


At the time of the visit to the upper floors, only 2 people. Here we get more information about each detail of the room – any room. Even on the secret path. I really – really did not think that it is a secret, because it is invisible to the eye, I do not see any sign – a sign that the existing wall behind me turned out to be converted into the door. This secret door is used for emergencies.

Peles palace is the first European castle entirely lit by electrical current, which is produced by the palace. And also has a projection of the first films in Romania in 1906 at the palace theater.

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