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If you are looking for a great vacation spot for the whole family, Las Vegas is the place to go for great food and family fun. No longer just for the adults, Vegas casinos are working hard to become more of a family destination.

When planning your trip to Vegas, it is recommended that you check with a couple of different hotels or casinos to see what discount packages are available. Many of the casinos offer a type of ?club card? that you can use to rack up discounts and other goodies while you gamble. If you are lucky, you can earn enough comp credit to eat quite well for free during your visit to Vegas.

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The Luxor Hotel in conjunction with several other casinos offers what they call the One Club. You can sign up for the One Club for free and earn comp dollars while playing at Mandalay Bar, Luxor, Monte Carlo, or Circus Circus. The great thing about the One Club is that it can be used at so many different places. While you play the slots, you can rack up some great comps such as food, hotel rooms or just plain bucks. You can use the comp dollars how ever you wish at any of the participating casinos.

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The MGM Mirage offers what they call the Players Club. It can be used at the Bellagio, MGM Grand, Treasure Island, and New York-New York. They call your comps Resort Rewards and you can redeem them at any of the MGM properties. They have over 100 restaurants, 10 shows, 7 spas and 3 golf courses.

Harrah?s and Caesars family of casinos offer another great reward plan. You can earn rewards by playing the slots or tables at Paris, The Flamingo, Bally’s or Caesars Palace. They call their program Total Rewards and you receive different tiers of comps depending on the amount that you spend per calendar year. Depending on your tier level (gold, platinum or diamond), you can earn anything from credit towards meals, your hotel room or free show tickets. One thing that is really enjoyable about this comp program was that you could redeem your comp credits through a catalog even after you left Vegas.

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With all of the reward programs that are being offered by the different casinos, make sure that you are signed up before you start plopping those quarters into the slot machine. You may not win the jackpot but you can sure rack up some nice comps along the way.

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