Traveling to Brazilian Caribbean with Julia

the Brazilian Caribbean
South America

Brazilian Caribbean is one of the most coveted beaches in the northeast of Brazil. Julia who has been in Maragogi will tell us a little bit about this paradise. Julia is a journalist and she is also a photographer. The other two friends are from Sao Paulo, they passionate about travel and I’m sure that will leave us with the will to make the bags and catch the first flight to Alagoas.

“I know several beaches in the Northeast, but none has crystal clear water like that.”

This phrase is very common among tourists who visit the north coast of Alagoas. The beaches are part of the Coral Coast, the largest Environmental Protection Area of the Brazilian Navy. In addition to the paradisaical landscapes and the crystal clear water, Alagoas has the second largest barrier reef in the world, with 130km of extension. No wonder Maragogi has earned “the Brazilian Caribbean“ as a nickname.

Maragogi is a small municipality, almost on the border with Pernambuco, nine white-sand beaches and calm seas, are calling the attention of tourists in recent years. With its currency being devalued by the world, it seems that Brazilians decided to look for within their own country and take advantage of the natural landscape.

Maragogi's natural swimming pools

Natural swimming pools in Brazilian Caribbean

In fact, what calls the attention in Maragogi is precisely the nature. Don’t expect a place with restaurants, luxurious shops and beautiful cultural attractions. The wealth of the municipality lives in the sea itself.

You definitely want to take a walk to the edge of the beach. The sand banks leave the water well, to the point of walking on foot, there happens a unique phenomenon: the further away from the coast, the more turquoise the sea is.


Look, there’s a lot of fish

After these sandbars, you will see natural pools, the place where marine life is concentrated and can be seen on a snorkel diving. The pools are only about six kilometers from the coast. To get there, you can ride a speedboat. Take an underwater camera to not miss the opportunity to get a selfie photo with the fishes! If you don’t bring yours, look for one of professional photographers around the pools.

The natural pools only form when the tide is low. To take advantage, ask the sailors who are on the edge of the sea. The tour lasts about two hours and is done in days and times vary according to the board of tides. The visit is allowed only with the maximum tide of 0.6 m and in the period from 6 am to 1 pm. The sailor said that the key is to make the tour in one day with a tide level is in between 0.1 and 0.3 in full or new moon season: when the water is more transparent. Avoid cloudy days and remember that the board is a forecast. It is important to reserve a place in boats, because according to regulations there is a limit for visitors.

In New Delhi, the large volume of tourists ends up ruining the coral. Therefore, some sailors depart for the pools of Japaratinga nearby beach, without even mentioning the little-known name. Being less visited, Japaratinga is much more conserved. More marine life, corals and less competition in the water to swim with the fish.

Japaratinga an untouched natural beauty

Japaratinga, a little known paradise

The Maragogi neighbor has an untouched natural beauty. A beach with very few people, the place where you can hear the breeze at calm sea, surrounded by beautiful farms of coconut trees. Off the beach, there isn’t much to see beyond local craft shops. The city is a colony of fishermen and has less than 10 thousand inhabitants. Most lodges are on the same street, coasting the sea. Many of the owners are foreigners and it is common to see German tourists, Americans, Uruguayans and Argentine.


Visiting the beaches with the buggy!

Nothing better than visiting every bit of coastline with the wind on your face. Pick up the buggy in New Delhi, it will bring you to the border of Pernambuco and then you can stop to take pictures on the beaches or bathing. The route is almost entirely by the sea. During the summer, the buggies are prohibited from transiting the sand, then, is not so free. Prefer to ride in low season.

The wind in the face eases the heat of the sun, but beware of the loose hair! You don’t want to spend hours trying to untangle, go braid or bun. Hat is not strong enough in your head! Surely, they will fly. And don’t forget the sunscreen.


What to eat in Brazilian Caribbean

One of the most famous delicacies is the Goma cake. It is a cookie made of butter and coconut milk, sold in bars and highway border between Maragogi and Japaratinga. Worth a try – especially stuffed with chocolate.

Other typical dishes of the northeast have spread throughout Brazil, but are usually at breakfast in Alagoas hotels. Tapioca, couscous and cashew juice are just a few examples.

If you want a little hectic at night, go to bars by the beach of Maragogi, some have live music.

For lunch, try the New Life restaurant. The shrimp dish is a delight, something more common also available such as steak, rice, beans, salads and potatoes. The restaurant is not that beautiful, but it is very clean and serves some of the best dishes.


Where to stay in Brazilian Caribbean

Salinas do Maragogi is one of the best resorts in the area. Ranked first in the “Best All Inclusive Resorts in Brazil” and third in “Best Hotels for Brazil’s Family.” Pousada Humaita in Japaratinga is a place of charm. They have a Rustic décor and at the same time modern, excellent service and amazing breakfast with lots of variety.

We also have a list of 7 best freshwater beaches in the northern region of brazil, check it out.

So what do you think about Brazilian Caribbean? Will you add this spot to your bucket list? Please let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below.

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