Ideal way to travel in a RV
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Without a doubt, RVs (or recreational vehicles for short) are arguably the most versatile types of vehicles out there. Doubling as a means of transport and a home, it is the ideal vehicle for travel nurses who’d rather not lug loads of baggage from one house to the next. The RV presents a unique lifestyle for all travel nurses. Unlike the standard roof and multi-bedroom apartment that presents more spacious living accommodations, the RV is a new, more convenient means of living for the seasoned travel nurse.

How to travel in a RV

Obviously, the biggest question regarding RVs is its living space. Most have full functioning bathrooms, kitchens and a loft type style of “room” distribution. However, it presents many advantages. For starters, travel nurses can cook their own food inside of an RV. Eating out expenses can soar through the roof. With a full-time kitchen to cook steaming lobster sauce in, food money can be saved. Travel nurses are also known to attend presentations and conferences in the region they’re staying in. Paying for a $120 a night stay at the Ramada Inn can waste even more dollars. RVs present an economical value that’s unmatched when compared to hotel and home stay options.

Cheap RV vacation

Living in an RV also means that you will get a housing stipend from your travel company which can be several thousand dollars a month.

The best way to travel is to travel with an RV

Traveling in an RV opens the mind and the eyes. The “RVing” lifestyle lets travel nurses meet people from across the country. Between assignments, many RVers even visit RV communities to meet friends. The stereotype persists that the RV lifestyle makes travel nurses lonelier and less social, when in fact; it presents many social networking opportunities. Families who live in RVs full-time can also benefit. If your RV will accommodate family, make sure you’re equipped with the right space – an office, extra beds, and more at the local RV store.

Buy your own RV

Selecting the right RV means choosing from a wide selection. Many offer their own unique perks. Travel trailers are known to stumble and bumble along freeways and can cause a dent in your driving speed. Motor homes and 5th wheelers are more adept at making better turns. Travel trailers are the hallmark of moving homes, with their recognizable box like structure and a hook connecting to a vehicle that leads it forward (or travel trailer in front.) For first-time RV buyers, make sure you test drive an RV first and see how it works for your needs.

The cheap way to travel in an RV

Travel nurses will most likely opt to purchase cheaper $15,000 travel trailers rather than motor homes that can go into the high $100,000s. If a motor home is in your plans, pay attention to type of gas used. Although gasoline engines are not that expensive, you’ll save the most money by equipping your motor home with a diesel engine.

Why you should try to travel in an RV

RV’ing is a unique living arrangement that suits the lifestyles of travel nurses best. Going from one hospital/clinic work assignment to another, it is important to maintain stability. Although travel nursing companies can fund your hotel/apartment living arrangements, nothing matches the versatility and consistency of living in an RV.

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