Thinking of booking cheap hotel deals in Phuket?



Phuket is one of the busiest cities in Thailand, and attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Thus the tourism industry grew exponentially and we can find a very large number of cheap hotels in Phuket. A few years ago, there were many guesthouses in the city, which with the time were converted into cheap Phuket hotels, resorts and spas.

The word cheap depends on the person who uses it, as there are people who travel and they belong to various economic classes. A few people would consider a small guesthouse or hostel to be cheap, while others would consider a 5 start hotel to be something cheap. But if you are looking some quality shelter to spend some time, then there are many cheap hotels in Phuket.

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However the word cheap for many people describes a hotel that provides better facilities than a mere guesthouse. These hotels provide the facility of online booking, and thus online booking agents play a very important role for these hotels. The tourists can contact these agents and these agents can help them find a very cheap Phuket hotel for accommodation. This is most recommended for those who travel with their families and also for those who go on a honeymoon.

The entire island of Phuket is full of hotels that can be categorized under the category of “cheap”. Especially the areas named Karon, Kata and Patong are known for their cheap hotels. Patong is an astonishing beach destination liked by every tourist and thus has an extra ordinary night life and great shopping centers. These large amounts of classy facilities have enabled Patong to become the base of most of the tourists that come here.

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For those who want an accommodation in one of the lesser famous areas, then the cost would be on the higher side. The most extra ordinary hotels in Phuket are located at an area which is commonly known as Nai Yang. The Indigo Pearl Resort is considered to be the best hotel in the island.

Also to the south of the island, at a place called Panwa, a hotel named Sri Panwa offers world class amenities, which is the place where the celebrities spend their valuable time. Though these hotels cannot be considered cheap, they provide the best accomodation.

In the south of the Thailand at Cape Panwa, there’s a luxury Phuket resort called Sri Panwa, which is the kind of place a celebrity might stay at when visiting Phuket. These places aren’t considered cheap, but they are the best accommodations on the island.

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