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Quebec, Canada – One of the greatest attractions to do in the city of Quebec is oddly enough sight seeing for some of the most beautiful buildings in the Western world.  Some of the most popular and prestigious landmarks for tourists to visit is the Parliament buildings of Quebec.  Now how many cities can you think of that one of the main reasons for its tourism flow is that for their government buildings?

Image credit: Christophe.Finot

The most popular amongst Quebec’s tourists is a Parliament building of Louis XIV fashion that is the place held for the National Assembly of its 125 Province representatives.  The Parliament building was built in 1886, designed by Eugene-Etlienne; architect.  Of course, being that it is Quebec; the Parliament building was fashioned and designed after the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.  Like much things in Quebec, with respects to tours, this gorgeous Parliament building have guided tours throughout the day for visitors, with no fee.

Image credit: Jean Gagnon

The Notre-Dame in the Western worlds’ own backyard, in a way.  The city of Quebec possesses one of the most beautiful monuments that is a must see for anyone that is planning to visit Quebec. That monument is the Basilique-Cathedrale, built in 1633.  If you do not want to partake in the long flight to France you can just visit Quebec. This gorgeous chapel was built by Samuel de Champlain and was dedicated all to the Virgin.  If the spectacle of this chapel immense stature isn’t enough, its building history is much more intriguing. The history of this building is not just in its age, distinguished architecture, but also in its multiple mishaps. The chapel was rebuilt three different times, from a fire breaking out to almost complete destruction. After all of these events the chapel was at all times rebuilt on the same site. One significant year that the chapel was rebuilt was in the year of 1647 after a fire gutted out the chapel in the year 1640. After that moment the chapel was decreed as theNorth America’s first parish church.

Besides all of the magnificent monuments and buildings that Quebec possesses, Quebec is no stranger to natural beauty as well.  From Quebec’s beautiful meadows, waterways and hills, there is one spot that many tourists visit and that spot is the Montmorency Falls Park.  The waterfall at this park is 27 meters higher than theNiagara Falls.  The glory of it all does not have to be seen way down in the valley; visitors can hop into a cable car that will take them up on top of the falls where they can hike and cross a bridge suspended across the ridges of the falls.  Now here is something that you don’t hear every day, in the winter visitors can ice climb on the cold and beautiful frozen waterfall, just a huge wall of ice and you.  Now that is a spectacle that I would love to see in Quebec, Canada.

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