Sports in Russia

There are many popular sports played in Russia such as soccer, track and field, volleyball, figure skating, swimming, hockey, shooting, weightlifting, tennis, basketball, boxing, cross-country, skiing and many others. Most of the Russians who grew in north have interest in outdoor winter sports and activates such as skating and skiing. All these sports have strong supporters from different part of the country.

Skating in Russia


Skating is the common activity of the youngsters in the north side; there are many skating rinks in the cities. People commonly skate in the natural ice surface, such as lakes, frozen canals, rivers, and ponds. People of any age can enjoy skating as it is relaxing exercise and healthful. Athletes compete in two ways one is speed skating and other is ice-skating – figure skating. Speed skates consist of race of distance which is played by young and adult. Ice-skating has spins and other graceful movements usually done on music.

Skiing in Russia


This is an important form of entertainment in Russia especially in North, which is a competitive sport in that country. Cross-country skiing and hiking on the snow-covered ground that is flat on hills is very popular. Skiing is very easy to learn but needs lot of physical energy.

bobsled in Russia


Bobsledding has become a very popular game these days around the city in Russia. It is a winter sport, which is fast and dangerous. It has a team of two or four men ride down a steep icy course and steals the fiberglass sleds.

Fishing in Russia


Fishing is also extremely famous in parts of Russia. People of all ages enjoy this in the rivers, lakes, streams, bays and oceans for many kinds of fish. People who fish for sport are called anglers they challenge landing fish and hooking. People also enjoy fishing for fun.

Soccer in Russia


Soccer is also a popular most game of Russia. Children’s who are interested in this game are selected at the age of 12 and trained. The team of Russian national soccer competes the three major championships such as the European cup, the Winkers cup, and the Union of European Football Association cup.

water sports in Russia

Water Sports

There are some water sports, which are also very popular and played in and around the city such as swimming, diving, sailing, canoeing, and water skiing.

Russian people are enthusiastic about sports and are great fan for the athletes.

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