Burgos: home of the tomb of reconquista hero
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Burgos…Bus, bath and bed (in that order)

Burgos: home of the tomb of reconquista hero El Cid, staging ground for Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War and apparently the rudest geriatrics on the planet. Without much to regale you, dear reader, on our time in Burgos – we slept, ate morcilla (blood sausage), saw a wooden …

Spanish Tapas
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Would you like a drink with your tapas?

View from inside the Alhambra. If only we had the place to ourselves. The walls of Bodega la Antigualla heave with all kinds of medieval, touristy shtick, from Knights Templar-emblazoned shields and lampshades, to metal breastbones and forearm armour. A far better indicator of this bar’s quality is that it’s …