Spa resort, where they pamper you all over


There are dozens of spa resorts nestled in fabulous destinations all over the world. Like Thailand’s Chiva-Som International Health Resort or St. Lucia’s LeSport – offering “The Body Holiday,” with the promise that if you give them your body for a week, they’ll give you back your mind. But you don’t have to be a globetrotter to get properly pampered.

We searched through countless reviews from both travelers and industry insiders to highlight a few of the best resorts America has to offer right here at home. When you’re ready to throw the cell phone out the window, head to nature, challenge your mind and your body, and have dozens of people take care of you every step of the way, there’s no better place to go than a destination spa resort.

While each has its own unique flavor and specialized services, all have one thing in common: this vacation is all about YOU.

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Canyon Ranch Health ResortsLenox, Massachusetts & Tucson, Arizona
Canyon Ranch has a simple idea: offer all-inclusive healthy vacations to rejuvenate each person’s soul and world peace will be right around the corner. And why wouldn’t it be with pampering like this? These resorts excel at immersing you in the natural beauty of their magnificent surroundings.

Whether you like the New England style of the Berkshires resort in Lenox, Massachusetts or want to head southwest to enjoy the Tucson, Arizona resort, both provide activities and services designed to meet your every need. They both provide exquisite, healthy menus to please your palate.

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Green Valley SpaSt. George, Utah
If you’re looking to be pampered, check out what Green Valley Spa has to offer. Each room comes with feather beds and goose-down comforters, personal patios, whirlpool tubs, even freshly ground Starbucks coffee. Top that with the daily gourmet cuisine, cooking classes, guided hikes, fitness classes from tai chi to yoga to aquacise, along with full use of the resort’s indoor and outdoor pools, tennis and racquetball courts, and miles of majestic scenery, and you’ve got one unforgettable vacation.

Visit Green Valley Spa on your birthday and they’ll even throw in a $500 gift certificate that you can use for gifts or pampering extras. Check the Green Valley Web site for current offers.

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Lake Austin Spa ResortAustin, Texas
Thanks to a $7 million renovation in 2001, the Lake Austin Spa Resort moved up from a 1999 ranking in Travel & Leisure’s reviews of 50 of the world’s most fabulous unknown hotels to a ranking in Travel & Leisure’s World’s Best Spa Awards in 2001. Daily menus are complimented with a variety of fresh organic herbs and vegetables from the onsite gardens.

In spring, native Texas wildflowers color the lake’s surrounding meadows and nature trails. Enjoy the tranquil country scenery on your own terms with a variety of all-inclusive packages from a three-night refresher package to an entire month of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ready to get pampered? If you’re tempted, start by visiting the resort web sites. They offer a wealth of information to introduce you to the full resort experience, from virtual tours and available activities to sample recipes and resort highlights.

Be sure to check for discounts and special offers. All this relaxation and individual attention can sometimes come at a hefty price, with daily rates from $500 up to $900 or more.

If that sounds too high, think of it as employing your own personal trainer, maid, chef and beauty consultant for the length of your vacation. With the all-inclusive vacation design and luxury service of these destination spas, we think you’ll find getting pampered all over is well worth it.


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