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Do Your Research Before Choosing Travel Nursing Companies

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Do-Your-Research-Before-Choosing-Travel-Nursing-CompaniesOver 300 travel nursing companies located in the United States provide an overwhelming amount of information for nurses and other Allied Health professionals interested in traveling with their jobs to sift through. Regardless of where you start, nurses researching travel nursing companies should try to narrow down their selections to between 5 and 10 travel nurse agency providers by determining your most basic needs, wants and goals within this industry.

Some of the most basic questions to ask when narrowing down your choices may include:

  • Does the company provide professional liability insurance, as well as free medical, vision, and dental insurance? A secondary question could be whether or not such insurance is also available to family members for moderate fees.
  • Will the travel nurse agency reimburse nurses for costs of attaining licensing when required in other states?
  • Does the nurse travel agency provide free private one-bedroom housing, hotel accommodations, and/or utility expenses? Is corporate housing available? Are such perks available for nurses on hourly rates as well as those on long-term assignments?
  • Determine how the company pays. For example, will your checks be direct deposited on a weekly basis, or will you be paid upon your return to your home base? Do some assignments offer completion or sign-up bonuses?
  • Is the travel nurse agency JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) certified?
  • Does the nurse travel agency guarantee on-time payments?
  • Does the agency offer rental car packages, or stipends for rental car use?
  • Does the agency ensure that nurses will not be placed in unsafe situations or those with extremely low nurse-to-patient ratios?

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when comparing the benefits of selecting specific travel nursingcompanies. In addition, nurses interested in traveling careers should, whenever possible, obtain copies of agency contracts and make sure they understand the limitations, requirements and stipulations of employment with a specific agency. If you’re not sure about the content, have questions, or don’t understand the legalese of such contracts, take the time to obtain advise from a legal professional before signing.

Talk to other individuals regarding benefits or drawbacks to working with specific travel nursing companiesby logging onto nurses forum boards, travel nursing boards, chat rooms, and BBB or feedback ratings of different companies. Most importantly, choose travel nursing companies that reiterate and reaffirm their responsibilities and support to you, the nurse. Bottom line, get everything in writing and don’t assume anything or take anything for granted.

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