Read this Questions & Answers before traveling to Mauritius


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Question: What type of accommodation is obtainable for a family on a moderate budget? We prefer self catering accommodation?

Mauritius Self Catering is now hugely popular and there are many selections to choose from. Self Catering in Mauritius is unquestionably the ideal answer for families on a budget and for those who prefer to be flexible. There are bungalows, studios, villas, and flats all at affordable prices and for friends and families who prefer more privacy the Mauritius Self Catering selection will be the more sensible choice.

Question: What is the advisable time to travel to Mauritius? The Warmest? Most Attractive?

It all depends on what it is you wish to do and what your preferences are. Some people choose to just unwind on the beachesall day and float in the ocean while others trip around the island on several excursions and others come for the topnotch sporting facilities such as golf, surfing, and deep sea sportfishing to describe just a few.

The most bustling time to come is through the Christmas and New Year festivity period when tourists from all the the areas in the world and especially those from the cooler climates come upon the island in droves.

January to April is the warmest most sticky time of year, and the heat can be insufferable at times as it does not cool down that often during the nighttime and it is just overly hot during the day to sit and lie in in the sun for long periods of time.

The greatest rainfall is also during these months. During the so-called winter months, from July to September, the rainfall is less frequent and the humidity  more supportable.

The waters are at their clearest and warmest from December to March, therefore if you like to take advantage of the various water sports and beach life on offer this would likely be the better time for you.

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Question: Is Mauritius an outstanding place for fishing?

The ocean has got a immense array of fish which is great if you are into snorkelling as well – and deep ocean sport fishing trips can be set up for the more venturous.

Just away the coast outside the barrier reef there are enormous and significant populations of Marlin, Bonita, Tuna, and Wahoo, in addition to the infrequent shark. Set Up a BBQ early !

Question: Am I able to stay in the Capital of Port Louis?

It is advisable to stay outside the main towns and Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius. During the day synonymous to any other leading city with a commercial centre it gets really jammed and busy.

By nighttime the majority of activity in the capital is riveted on the waterfront which offers a innovative complex with a large number of stores, restaurants, casino, enormous  car parking facilities, cinemas and bars.


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