Quiz: what type of traveler are you?


Visit a travel site or pick up any travel magazine, and you’ll be overwhelmed with the choices you have these days. Tour Europe via rail? Cruise up the Alaskan coast? Hike the Outback? Snorkel in Acapulco? All these possibilities can make your head swim, and many of them come with a big price tag, so you want to choose wisely. But where to begin?

The U.S. Tour Operators Association knows just how difficult it can be to choose a vacation that’s just right for you, so they did a really smart thing. The USTOA commissioned a team of psychologists to develop a quiz to help folks determine the vacations that best suit their personalities and personal preferences. It makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Anyone who has tried to drag a city-lover out for a nature hike knows that personality has a lot to say about the type of travel a person enjoys.

The Association offers the quiz on its Web site. You are presented with groups of three statements, and asked to pick the one statement in the group that generally describes your feelings. Here’s a sample of the statements you choose from

  • I like being with people who work hard and play hard.
  • My idea of free time is to chill out with friends.
  • I prefer to do fun things by myself.
  • Bungee jumping would be exciting.
  • I would never fall for bungee jumping.
  • I might enjoy watching friends go bungee jumping.

When you’re finished, the site analyzes your choices and determines your travel personality. You may find that you are an Escorted Tour Traveler – a person who is most comfortable traveling with lots of people and having your itinerary planned for you. Or maybe you’re a Special Interest/Adventure Traveler who likes vacations with stimulating activities or trips that take you off the beaten path.

Your results may only confirm what you already know about your travel personality, but then again, you just might learn something about yourself. Maybe you’re just the type to rappel down waterfalls in Costa Rica or take a safari through the Serengeti. Take the quiz and find out!

To take the Tour Operator’s Association Quiz, just visit their Web site at www.ustoa.com. Click on the home page area that says, “What Kind of Traveler Are You?” and the quiz will pop up on your screen.


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