The daily life in Russia today

Russia is a developed country and the people are very well educated. Russian are interested in reading books. Most of them spend their money to buy the books which are not much expensive. Russian are much interested in the live performances such as theaters and cinemas, which are affordable. There is some other entertainment including symphony concerts, ballets, opera, and drama, etc.

St petersburg art and culture

Arts and Culture

The top most museums of Europe are the Moscow’s Tretyakov and St. Petersburg’s Hermitage. The ballet and symphony are the great art in Russia. These days’ youngsters prefer performances of dancers like Nureyev, Baryshnikov and Nijinsky and composers like Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Shostakovich, and Mussorgsky. People pay tribute at the sacred Mariinsky and Bolshoi theaters.

Shopping mall in Russia


There are plenty of shopping malls or centers where you can find different variety of clothes. There are western and local dresses style, which normally people wear in Russia. There are some boutiques and local market, which have both expensive as well as discounted cloths. You can find delicate Lomonosov porcelain and Faberge eggs in St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, when you move down through the city market, you can find matryoshka dolls, palekh boxes and some fine China products. Take linen from the Kostroma and Ivanovo in the Volga town, Gastronoms in Moscow or St. Petersburg and Caviar from the Eliseyevsky, and you can find vodka almost every were in the region. The city is also famous for the farmers that sell fresh food and open- air market for the sellers of souvenirs that sell the soviet memorabilia.

Different kinds of Russian foods

Nightlife and eating out

There are many restaurants in St. Petersburg, which provide you with relishing food, from European cuisine to local dishes. Some of the famous well-known dishes are bliny, that is similar to pirozhki, crepe, and pie with different vegetables, fish, and meat fillings, with borscht a traditional soup and of course caviar. Some of the restaurants that are noted for Russian specialties which includes Nikolaevskaya Trapeza, Kalinka-Malinka, Mechta Molokhovets, Admiralty and Literaturnoye café, once was a favorite of Alexander Pushkin.

The city has many bars and nightclubs, which attracts the youngsters and family members. Most of the bars are located at the Nevsky Prospekt. Some of the known established bars include Magrib, Hali-Gali, Tribunal Bar, and Metro Club; these are considered as some of the best nightclubs around the city.

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Sports in Russia
These are the typical sports in Russia

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