North America

America’s most popular national park; Yosemite

Yosemite is a National Park located in East California, America. This park covers approximately 3,080.74 km 2. Each years, more than 3.7 million people visits this place. Most of them spend their time relaxing and enjoy the nature. This is the perfect place to take a break from the stress, because this awesome park gives a refreshing atmosphere.

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Most famous beach destination; Kuta, Bali

Most famous beach destination; Kuta, Bali

Kuta is the best beach in Bali, Indonesia. This is what most people know because Kuta indeed is a famous beach and its story has spread all over the world. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this place before or perhaps you have visited the beach on your holiday.

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2017 Vietnam's best resorts

2017 Vietnam’s best resorts

Today I’d like to present you some of the best resorts in Vietnam. Vietnam is rich in cultural heritage, the country also has magnificent nature, this is the place where the culture of the East and the West is felt. The metropolis are stirring co-exist with tropical wild forests, French colonial buildings, the palaces and traditional strongholds, blue sea and sandy beaches, a high valley, comfortable hotels, ancient ethnic houses, active water sports and of course with its vibrant nightlife.

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the Brazilian Caribbean
South America

Traveling to Brazilian Caribbean with Julia

The Brazilian Caribbean, one of the most coveted beaches in the northeast of Brazil. I invited Júlia who has been in Maragogi to tell us a little bit about this paradise. Júlia is a journalist and she is also a photographer. The other two companions are from Sao Paulo, they passionate about travel and I’m sure that will leave us with the will to make the bags and catch the first flight to Alagoas.

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Before taking a vacation to Ireland, therefore, it helps to know some bits and pieces of the place first

What you need to know before vacationing to Ireland

If you are visiting a certain place for the first time and you don’t know anything about it, getting around the area can be very difficult. Before taking a vacation to Ireland, therefore, it helps to know some bits and pieces of the place first. This should make your trip less …

affordable vacation packages
Travel Tips

Simple ways to find affordable vacation packages

If you seem clueless about finding a way to find affordable vacation packages that suit your bill, read on to get started on some ideas. There is hardly a man on the face of the earth who does not like to travel. But at times, our budget becomes our biggest …

outsmart a pickpocket when traveling
Travel Tips

How to outsmart a pickpocket when traveling

In this modern age, it is hard to imagine that pickpockets still exist. But you can learn to outsmart a pickpocket when traveling. In the average North American city, you are not likely to find a thief of this variety, but if you are planning on traveling to a foreign …

Cruise travel
Travel Tips

Cruise travel, the best vacation you will ever have

You might be ready to go on your cruise travel, but you might not be sure exactly how to book your cruise vacation. A cruise is, for some people, a great way to appreciate life’s pleasures while relaxing with other people. But everyone differs – what suits one persons needs …

Travel Tips

How to have the honeymoon of your dreams

The ultimate all-inclusive packages for honeymooners in the Caribbean includes a plush accommodations overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Gourmet dinners, snorkelling, such as fish dialing and after teas etc. are some of the enthralling packages you will enjoy if you select your honey moon in this Island. Planning a vacation at …

Camping tips
Travel Tips

Camping tips to help you out

How long has it been since you went camping? Camping is a wonderful way to return to nature, relax, and reflect on life. You don’t have to deal with anyone at work, you don’t have television to distract you… you really can just relax. Take some time to review this …