New Zealand, the heaven of beautiful nature

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If you are a true lover of nature, you should definitely visit New Zealand. This country has an astonishing gift of nature. Starting from the mountains which is covered with snow, a series of volcanoes, exotic beaches, fiords, lakes, and the original Maori tribes who are immigrants from Polynesia.

Historical and cultural heritage sites can be seen throughout New Zealand. Especially at Waitangi, you can learn about the agreement that has forever changed the history of New Zealand. Central Otago still displays relics of the Gold Rush era, when thousands of people flocked to New Zealand to seek their fortune. While in Napier you can see the expanse of artificial collection of Art Deco architecture, altough the original building in the city have collapsed due to great earthquake in 1931.

Camping is also worth a try. I suggest you to camp at the edge of one of New Zealand lakes, especially on the North Island. The lake was formed here, thanks to the mountain explosion. The biggest crater named Taupo and extent comparable to a small country. This lake is a popular destination for those who want to fish for trout.

North Island is endlessly amaze visitors with its natural phenomena. Many volcanoes are still active, sometimes visitors can walk between lava flows and geysers. Boiling mud became a common sight. While the lakes in the South Island derived mostly from melting ice which later formed the fiords. The largest lake in this region is Te Anau which covers 344km square. Lake Manapouri reputedly the most beautiful and has 34 islands in the vicinity.

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