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My experience, shopping in Dubai

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So I absolutely love the gold souk and spice markets. Talking about shopping in Dubai, there were so many things to see and buy but damn can I walk down the corridor and not be harassed? I mean they got that system down to a tee.

You walk down the corridor and you hear ” hey Obama girls you wanna buy a Rolex, Micheal Kors purse, Gucci, we got it all” and I’m sure you do little man but that’s not what I came for. So I kindly kept on walking just to be approached by the next one and the next one and so on until it got a little annoying.

My advice to you when you want to shop in Dubai is, look them in the face, say no thank you, and keep walking.

You will find this place has a lot of the same things. Scarfs, t-shirts, shoes, hijab, dresses, shot glasses etc…After a while you will get a little confused because it all look the same. But the experience of it all will be one to remember.


Now let’s talk about gold

Basically, it is around $40/gram but you will need to check online for the daily value. You see all of those pretty things in the picture above…yeah don’t expect it to be cheap. If you are having a bracelet or necklace made you need to add in the value of the craftsmanship. So it can add up quickly.

If your frugal like me a gram will do lol. But I also found in this little store some gold playing cards. That’s right 99.9% pure 24k gold foil playing cards. Now just a short history lesson. A lot of people think Dubai make their money off of oil and gold but that is not true. Their main money supplier is aluminum. Go figure that!


Gold ATM machine and spice market

You will also find these atm machines scattered around town. However, I was too afraid to try it. Something seems wrong with a gold atm machine.

From there we headed down a little further to the spice market. The smells were amazing. They had any spice you could possibly think of. But the one thing I wondered was you have a lot of spices in a container which I’m sure does not sale too fast…so, how do we know that the dried fruit, ginger, and other stuff is still any good hmmmm that my friend is one to ponder about.

When shopping in Dubai, I would definitely use Dirham. The credit card situation can be a little confusing. Now, remember you can go to any ATM machine and use your card and it will give you dirhams back but if I were you I would just exchange my money the minute I arrived at the Dubai airport but that’s just me.

So would I visit this market again? Absolutely! I mean despite the harassment it is a beautiful place.

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