Kayak Whale Watching In Rosarito Beach, Mexico

North America

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Most people know that they can go to Cancun or perhaps Cabo San Lucas to sit on the sandy beach and enjoy the beautiful, lush natural environment. Mexico is known for good times and fun in the sun, but there is something else you can experience there–whales! Rosarito Beach sits just a ways off the shore of Baja, California, and it is more secluded and private than the popular beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Tijuana. Here you can enjoy the sandy white beaches, the beautiful waves, and all the lush vegetation found anywhere else. You can also enjoy sightings of grey whales, which are known to populate the waters in this area. This is also an exciting destination for kayaking!

The area south of the pacific coast of Baja, California is well known as a hot spot for grey whales, so if you enjoy a kayaking adventure on this beach you are guaranteed to get at least a small glimpse of these whales in their natural habitat. It is best to plan a New Years trip, since the whales travel from the Arctic Ocean to the Rosarito Beach area in December and January. During these months they will be mating and giving birth to their young before departing for the Arctic Ocean once again. If you kayak the waters of this beach during these months you will be delighted with up-close encounters of these beautiful creatures under the water. You can look at them with your binoculars, take stunning pictures, or just sit back in your kayak and enjoy the view.

Image credit: eGuide Travel

Consider fishing while you are kayaking around Rosarito Beach as well. There are tons of beautiful (and delicious!) fish waiting to be caught off the shores of this beach, especially if you go toward the uninhabited Coronado Islands. These islands are northwest of the beach and are known for being swarmed with fish that are very easy to catch. You don’t have to be an experienced fisherman to come away with a fish or two in this area!

Manatee, tropical birds, and sea lions are also known to occupy the area of Rosarito Beach. When you kayak this area of Mexico in the summer you will encounter beautiful creatures that you have never seen before, and probably will never see again. This is the perfect destination if you like to take pictures or consider yourself a nature photographer. Once you see the beautiful birds, fish, and other creatures that occupy this land you will never want to take pictures anywhere else!

Image credit: eGuide Travel

When kayaking at Rosarito Beach you can choose between tours occurring during the day or overnight adventures that leave you to camp out on the sandy beaches just outside the surrounding islands. If you have the time to camp out you will be treated to the most exquisite sunrises you have ever seen as well as ample opportunity to explore the beautiful lands of Mexico.

Just keep in mind that the water inhabited by a lot of whales can become a bit rough, so you should try to condition your body to withstand these waters while kayaking. Of course, you don’t have to be an experienced kayaker to enjoy this area as many beginners go through the tours without problem.

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