Great summer destinations for Golf lovers


When planning a vacation there are many decisions that have to be made. The plans have to center on whether the vacation has to provide enjoyment for the single traveler, couples or families. In any event, for the avid golfer no matter which of these categories he or she comes into, there are some wonderful destinations in summer for you golf lovers!

At one time major golf resorts catered only to the golfer. This meant those golfers that were trying to include their golfing activity in with a family vacation found it most difficult. Now however, many of the Golf resorts  have a full family vacation roster that any family member can enjoy.

Within the United States there are numerous States that have many family golf resorts, North Carolina , California and Texas offer some of the most intriguing golfing venues, and they have much by way of entertainment for the rest of the family. If the holiday being planned is not family orientated, the best destinations to play golf in the summer may be found throughout many other countries. These are available for both the pro and amateur golfer. They vary in their price range and there is most certainly something available for any golfer.

Costa Rica

If you want a country that is proud of their golfing venues and have every reason to be, then Costa Rica should be your chosen destination. No need to worry about the weather as this country has plenty of sunshine. It is a destination best suited though for those who are able to adapt to the warm temperatures that are prominent here.


Any individual that has a passion for golf has to consider Scotland as one of the greatest golf destinations. It boasts of having the oldest and still one of the most impressive golf courses in the world which is St. Andrews. It has the uniqueness of the double greens which is sure to challenge any golfer whether it be male or female.

Image credit: Guy Renard from Gent, Belgium


This is not a country that should even be considered being left out of the choices of great golf destinations. It allows the option for the single golfer to enjoy his or her vacation here and still take in many of the other vacationing venues that Portugal has to offer. If the family is going to be included in the golf vacation then Portugal would be a wise choice as it caters to the entire family as well.


Of course if the golfer happens to be male, and the female of the family is a non golfer, then plans to golf vacation if France might be best kept quiet. France has some absolutely wonderful golfing venues and really taking the wife along really would be a wonderful choice, as there is so much for her to enjoy as well. Of course it must be said that there are just as many women who enjoy golf as there are men.

No matter whether you are male or female, any of these golf destinations are sure to bring pure pleasure to your vacation time, and the best part is they are all affordable destinations even though they are found in all parts of the world. With so many wonderful golf resorts and courses being available one does not really have to travel far if they don’t want to in order to enjoy a golfing vacation. Traveling to another country to take the opportunity to play at some of the most impressive golf courses in the world does make a vacation all the more special though.

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