Getting there by car; how to enjoy it

Travel Tips

Planning a trip that involves spending more than an hour in the car? Here are some ways to keep it fun.

So you’re planning a little trip. You’re not going far enough away to make worth the cost. And you’ve never been a big fan of trains. That probably means packing the car and getting set for hours of boring highway driving, right? Not necessarily!

Who’s Going?

The first thing you should consider is who will be along on the trip. Are you taking kids, is it simply the two of you or are you going solo? Next are these questions: how long is the trip and when do you plan to leave?

For our example, let’s assume a few things: It’s just the two of you and you’re leaving in the morning for about a five-hour drive. Some of these ideas will work for other situations as well, but we have to begin somewhere, right?

Books on Tape

Audio books are a little something I discovered during my travels across Midwestern states (i.e. flat with limited opportunities for scenery). These are wonderful for break the monotony of a trip when you tire of your CD collection or you can’t find an interesting radio station. Besides being something different to listen to, they’re a great way to keep your mind occupied. Trust me on this one; it’s much easier than trying to keep track of your page in a regular book while also watching the highway!

Off the Beaten Path

Another possibility is to consider other routes to your destination. Perhaps there are sights to see just off the beaten path that would add only minutes to your trip and provide a nice little break. Speaking of breaks, another suggestion is to divide your trip into sections. Make mental notes of halfway points or major stretches of open highway. Create goals for yourself like treating yourself to ice cream or soda when you reach a certain point in the trip.

If your drive includes interesting places along the way, it’s fun to stop and buy something to remember it, like a souvenir t-shirt or fridge magnet.


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