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Explore the Breathtakingly Beauty of India

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Explore the beauty of India!

This is a country with the most diverse cultures in the world. Blended with beautiful beaches, vast rice fields, holy temples and crowded cities, India is a great holiday gateway. City streets were full of color, a soothing natural scenery and stunning architecture to inspire travelers to seek wisdom.

With cheap food, friendly people and hundreds of hostels in India, it’s not a surprise if this country is obliged to the backpacker destination. But visiting this vast area can be quite a hassle, if you start to climb the Himalayas, looking for a hippie-style beach vacation or dive into the crowded street of Mumbai.

Well, if this is your first time exploring India, at least there are some places to visit. Here is a guide to the most favorite destinations in India!


Goa – More than Hippie Heaven

Goa has become a heaven for hippies since the 1960s. When the travelers are hedonistic bohemian enjoying the scenery on the sandy beaches along the 105 km. This area is still famous for its backpacker. But Goa still has more potential than that. The former Portuguese colony has historic churches, interesting architecture and its distinctive culinary dishes.


Exploring the Himalayas altitude

Views of the mountains of the Himalayas in northern India worth checking out, even if you are afraid of heights. In winter, ski enthusiasts clustered toward the snow-capped peaks. In summer, the lovers of adrenaline will try trekking, rafting, and paragliding. You can use a chairlift leading to the top, it provides breathtaking views of one of the most dramatic landscapes in India.


Mumbai is solid

Mumbai is a very dense city. It seems everything is crammed into the city to meet this growing metropolis, from slums to skyscrapers and fancy restaurants. But the sparkling Bollywood is worth your visit. With ancient bazaar that still using a barter system, many colonial buildings are still standing.

Maybe you don’t want to mingle with the elite of Mumbai in bars and nightclubs, but there is always a good place for everyone, far from the crowd. Beach lovers can relax on Chowpatty Beach before admiring the statue of Shiva and temples carved from rock on Elephant Island.


Calcutta is full of colors

Beyond its reputation under the poverty line, Calcutta is a wonderful city to visit and live. The house of Mother Teresa, Calcutta has the intellectual and cultural heritage. You should see the former center of the United Kingdom, there are relics of the colonial era architecture, the Victoria Memorial to the Palladian Villa.

City in north Calcutta is Bengali, where you can see the busy streets of Shambazar and stalls filled with the oldest church and a very charming Marble Palace. You can see the life-style of local residents in the Kali temple at Kalighat.


Delhi, the mixture of the past and present

The capital of this country is an enchanting mix of old villages and ultra modern settlements. You will find some amazing ruins around shopping malls and cinemas in New Delhi. Visit the ruins of the palace from the 13th century along the banks of Yamuna river. Qtab Minar in the south of the city and Huaz relics will leave you amazed.

Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the world and has a very long list of culture. Make sure you visit the Citadel Red Sandstone, Humayun Tomb and Qutub Complex Mosque and Tower, a very beautiful park and world heritage recognized by UNESCO.


Fascinating Taj Mahal in Agra

This industrial town attracts many tourists due to high cost of the stunning Taj, the glory more than the conversation of people. Agra is full of other amazing architectural heritage of Mughal empire, with a castle and stately tomb on the bank, such as Itimad-ud Daula.


A mini version of Taj Mahal

If you visit the Agra Fort and Taj Mahal on the same day, you will get a discounted fare of Rs 50. Great for travel costs that will erode your culture!


Quiet beach in Kerala

After a trip around the busy city, beaches and calm waters in Kerala can be a pleasant change. Pulse of life runs quietly in the center of South India, and lush green forests teeming with life in it. Network of rivers and canals are the hallmark of Kerala for many visitors, with a lagoon that leads into the paddy fields, coconut tree and clump of remote villages.

You can spend several days resting on golden sand, enjoy boating to the traditional town or visit the hilly hinterland Ghat for trekking and see the exotic animals. Its local cuisine is an attraction by itself. The nutmeg food-scented spices, served on a banana leaf and eaten with the hands.

Then, end your holiday in India with a drink of coconut water.

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