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Enjoying the Silence, on Bijindo island, Korea

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Planning to go to South Korea in the near future? If so, don’t forget to visit Bijindo island. The island also well known as Jeju.

When setting your foot in Bijindo, time seemed to stop!


A complete silence on the Bijindo Island

In Bijindo, you will not find any car. This island is very calm and quiet. Suitable for those who want to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere. Bijindo is an old village shaded by trees, and views of wild dogs running around here and there.

Spending time in Bijindo is a pleasures of life. The beach looked pretty relaxed, walked along the white sand or fishing is the best thing to do in the island. The natural ambiance complete with the sound of the waves on the beach.

End the evening staring sunset at the Bijindo islands. So beautiful, the locals dub Bijindo with Miindo Island or in English means ‘beautiful island’


Bijindo is a quiet island where you can escape the crowd

Bijindo basically consists of two islands connected by a sand road. From the air, the island looks like a sports equipment, barbells. Lee Jeong Mi of Tongyeong Tourist Information Center, said the outlying islands such as Bijindo is state property.

For tourists who want to visit Bijindo, are advised to bring their own food. Because there were not many places to eat on the island. Travelers generally cook them self at the inn which is equipped with a kitchen.

Bijindo is one of the 99 islands in Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park. The island often overlooked by travelers who prefer to go to the more popular islands.

Besides Bijindo, Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park has 29 other islands uninhabited and well worth a visit. The islands include Hansando. In this place, you can see a temple used to honor a naval commander in South Korea, Yi Sun Shin.

Don’t forget to visit Pulmuone Kimchi Museum while you’re in Korea, the museum is worth a visit. Let me know what you think about Bijindo in the comment section below.

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