discounted cheap flights to Tokyo from airlines that occasionally give out some of the most excellent airfare promos

A majority of Tokyo travelers take flights to Tokyo rather than other means, arriving at the Narita International Airport, which is the main airport of Tokyo and located forty-miles outside the city.  There are also many airlines that offer flights to Tokyo, including some of which that provides relatively great deals for airfare. It is always best to avail for consolidated fares, as well as discounted fares from airlines that occasionally give out some of the most excellent airfare promos; however, this usually happens during the “not so busy” season of travel. Nevertheless, Tokyo is an amazing city to visit year round.

But did it ever occur to you, why this capital city of Japan has been receiving critiques as the ugliest metropolis in the world?

You may have been reading a lot of raving reviews, but what better way than to discover yourself if the statements are facts. You can by all means do the search by availing any of the cheap flights to Tokyo. Regard it as a strategy to lure more tourists to visit the country but truth of the matter is, there is more to the surface than what meets the eye.

However, in Tokyo you’ll be able to have a grand time shopping right in the metropolis. You will only be baffled with what item to choose as this capital of Japan has a wide array of goods, from fashion wears down to innovative equipment. There are also products ideal to be adorned in your abode such as the traditional craftsmanship of the locals.

So if  you are coming from Los Angeles, it usually takes twelve hours to arrive, while if you are coming from New York or Chicago, it generally takes thirteen and a half hours; you may want to think about on-board services, as well as mileage programs (as you’ll credit a lot of miles for this round-trip), and the price of the ticket when selecting a carrier. Here are some airlines that have flights to Tokyo from Australia, England, New Zealand, and North America:

  1. Air Canada provides flights to Tokyo from Vancouver daily.  You may want to check out their flight schedule and air fares at for complete details.
  2. Air New Zealand also provides flights to Tokyo that departs from Auckland; you may want to visit their website for updates on airfares, promos, or flight details.
  3. All Nippon Airways is the biggest domestic carrier of Japan, and offers nonstop daily flight services from Washington D.C., New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to Tokyo.  It also has flights that depart from Sydney and London to Tokyo.
  4. American Airlines have flights that leave from Chicago and Dallas to Tokyo, and have code-shares with Japan Airlines.
  5. British Airways departs from London to Tokyo; you can check out more of their flights at their website
  6. Continental Airlines have flights to Tokyo departing from Houston and Newark daily; flight schedules and details can be checked at their website
  7. Delta Airlines also offers Tokyo flights that depart from Atlanta daily; their website can be visited online for airfares and deals.
  8. Japan Airlines is the flagship carrier of Japan and provides added international flights to Japan more than any carrier, as well as the airline being noted for its excellent service. It flies from San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, and Las Vegas.

You may be asking what are the cheapest flights to Tokyo for especially that you are tight on your budget. Once again, grab the opportunity ready for your taking because you might just miss one of the rarest occasions for you to travel to a foreign land. There are a number of reasons for you to tour this capital of the Japan. You can spot an abundance of galleries, museums, entertainment, dining, parks and gardens, among the others.

Cheap flights to Tokyo are seasonal, though, mainly because of the weather. When it is winter in this capital of Japan, the temperature normally drops down below the freezing point. However, when spring blossoms, expect that the days are warmer which is more convenient for excursions. As for summer, you cannot help but feel that the heat is really on. When it is fall, the coolness in the air can once again be felt especially in the month of August.

When you want to make early reservations in any of the cheap flights to Tokyo, you should be acquainted with what are the peak periods. In this capital of Japan, fall and spring are very much manageable. When summer arrives, the airplane rates goes higher because there are more people who stay in the metropolis. Even with the scorching warmth, certain individuals are not threatened with the climate. As for the month of July, there are plenty of festivities celebrated.

*note: Other airlines that offer flights to Tokyo include Northwest Airlines, Qantas, and United Airlines. As flight times to Tokyo are generally long, splurging on upgraded services and roomier seats are a good option; however, it’s going to be a serious splurge as even full-fair economy tickets cost about $5,655 with Japan Airlines.

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