Easy tips to get last minute disney cruise deals

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You can not count on getting the cruise that you want with a last minute deal as it is a bit of pot luck. Some of the best cruise deals include Disney Cruise Deals, are snapped up by those who wait untill the last minute and reserve early. Early birds will get great discounts, but cheap cruise deals which you can get at the last minute are excellent value if you are flexible. The deals you buy at the last minute can be the best cruise deals.

Search the internet

There are many ways to get Disney cruise discount. You can find many options if you search at the internet. From the cruise lines themselves you can find last minute cruise deals. Just try to seach different cruise line sites to find last minute deals. Another good resource to find these deals are from travel agents.

Contact your favorite cruise lines

Following are some easy tips to find last minute cruise deals. You can keep abreast of any cheap last minute cruise deals when you keep contacting your favorite cruise lines on a regular basis. Special sections for last minute deals are available at most cruise line web sites, and it is recommended that you check this section to get the best deals.

Subscribe the email newsletter

You can also be informed with current cheap last minute cruise deals if you subscribe the email newsletter of some vacation sites. Testimonials, safety records, etc should be checked. Inform your agent the maximum amount you want to spend on Disney cruise package. Then they will find the best Disney cruise deal. Searching online deals is one of the best ways to locate discount Disney cruise.

Talk to Authorized Disney vacation planner

You should check that the quality of the package will not be affected by the discount. Discount means less expensive, and not cheap. Working with an authorized Disney vacation planner is recommended when you are planning a trip on Disney Cruise Line. If you have purchased such packages in the past, you may be able to get immediat discounts. It means that you might be able to get 10% off the regular cruise price if this is your third Disney cruise. About this frequent purchaser discount can be asked to your Disney vacation planner.

Combine sea and land package

Combining sea and land package such as Disney MGM Studio, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is another Disney cruise discount. Two types of Disney visits will benefit you and get a combined reduced price. The time of year you schedule your cruise may also affects the availability of the discounts. During winter months, particularly December, discounts packages are likely to be more available than on peak seasons. For Florida families and military families, there are special discounts available. What you have to remember is that the discounts do not include airfare or ground transfers, but for the actual cruise itself.


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