prohibited items on your flight

One of security changes brought about by the 9/11 tragedy is a new set of rules about carry-on baggage. Many things that used to be OK to bring onboard are now prohibited in aircraft cabins.

How can you be sure your carry-on won’t violate the new rules?

The Transportation Security Administration has prepared a list of prohibited items. Now, when you look at this checklist, you’ll notice some items, like hand grenades and spear guns, that make you say, “Well duh! Who would try to take that on a plane?

But let’s face it, if the government didn’t put it on the banned list, someone, somewhere would try to take it on a plane. In fact, to cover anything it didn’t think of, the TSA adds that, in addition to the items listed here, other items may be deemed a potential threat and also prohibited.


This is the list:





Portable power saws


Automatic weapons




Razor blades




Hand Grenades


Religious knives


Baseball bats




Replica weapons


BB guns


Hockey sticks




Billy clubs


Hunting knives






Ice axe/Ice pick


Road flares


Blasting caps


Knives (any length)

SCUBA knives


Bows & arrows






Box cutters


Large, heavy tools




Brass knuckles




Shot guns


Bull whips


Martial arts devices


Ski poles


Cattle prods


Meat cleavers


Spear guns


Compressed air guns


Metal scissors


Starter pistols




Numchucks (nunchaku)


Straight razors

Cricket bats


Pellet guns


Stun gun/shock devices


Crow bars


Pen knives




Disabling chemicals


Pepper spray


Tear gas






Throwing stars


Fire extinguishers


Plastic explosives


Toy transformer robots


Flare pistols


Pool cues


Golf clubs


Portable power drills


Toy weapons


Gun lighters

The TSA reports that the items most confiscated at airport security checkpoints are all types of scissors, pocketknives, corkscrews and mace. For more information on banned carry-on items and the news rules for checked luggage, visit the Administration’s Web site Here.

What can you take in your carry-on bag these days?

Allowed items include:

Nail clippers & files
Safety razors (including disposable razors)
Eyelash curlers
Knitting needles
Walking canes

Remember, there are no provisions for returning any item that is taken away from you at a security checkpoint. And anyone trying to bring a banned item through a checkpoint is subject to criminal penalties and a hefty fine.

So if you have any doubts about a specific item, call your airline or travel agent and ask about it before you pack.


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