Discover exciting family getaway adventures

family getaway adventures

One thing many parents want their kids to experience is culture in other countries. One way to ensure that they are able to do this is to take them on vacations to these other countries. Through adventure vacations, you can have all the planning done for you. You only have to show up at the designated time and place. Here are a few family adventure vacations that will ensure you and your family have a wonderful time.

Go to Peru and follow in the footsteps of the Incas. Prices are about $2595 per person, and includes 13 nights in hotels or lodges, 12 days of multi-activity and sightseeing including easy trekking. There are a lot of things included in a package like this. You will get a professional English-speaking local leader, internal flights and associated airport transfers, and all land transport involved in the itinerary. There will be hotel, hostel, hacienda and jungle lodge accommodation for a total of 13 nights.

A guided sightseeing tour of Cusco and a tour on horseback of some of the sights near to the city are also included. All rafting equipment will be provided along with professional English and Spanish-speaking river guides, trained in first-aid, swift water rescue and C.P.R. If you care to participate, mountain bikes, bike gloves and helmets will also be provided. A guided tour is provided at Machu Picchu and the entrance fees at Machu Picchu are also included. Meals are provided, except for some lunches and dinners.

If you want your children to experience a different culture, but can’t afford to go out of the country, you might try taking them out west, to experience life back when it was simpler. This trip can cost around $2795, and includes 2 nights in hotels, 5 nights in cabins and 7 nights camping, 13 days multi-activity and sightseeing including easy trekking.

You will have a professional local driver/guide, all land transport involved in the itinerary, including a 2-day rafting tour on the Colorado River and jeep tours above Telluride and at Monument Valley. You will go to National parks, where the entrance fees will be paid for. You will have hotel accommodation in Denver and in Las Vegas, 5 nights’ campground cabin accommodation, and 7 nights’ camping in tents. This also includes campground fees and all equipment (not personal equipment).

Most meals are included, with the exception of dinners on Days 1, 2, 5 and 14, breakfast on Day 2 and lunch on Day 2. You will be enjoying the great outdoors while riding around a working ranch on horseback, jeep and all-terrain vehicles. Sleeping under the stars and singing songs around campfires never sounded like so much fun.

Just remember, kids love to learn about different ways of life. Whether that means visiting another country or just going to a different state, they will come away with a lot of knowledge about the places they have been and things they have seen. Not only that, they will have had fun in the process. They will look forward to that ‘What I did this summer’ essay when school starts back up!

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