How to decide on a vacation spot?

How to decide on a vacation spot
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This article is basically for those individuals who believe in preparation and planning before acting on something.

So finally you are getting time for that much needed vacation. Great – try not to spoil it by choosing a bad spot. Here’s what you can do to make your vacation most memorable.

  1. Talk to your friends about it, that you need to go on a vacation. They might be able to suggest something worthwhile, as they know you in and out and must be having similar mindsets. You can even benefit from their past experiences of vacationing
  2. Search online, Check out websites, blogs etc. Random search about a Location can yield a lot of unknown facts.
  3. Travel agents / tour operators , I am suggesting this not because I want to see you get ripped, but some tour operators do offer exclusive and rare trips which you might want to enjoy. Ever been on those exotic locations or luxury rail journeys?
  4. Pick on a place which will go with your desired mood for the vacation, Like if you want to go partying .. Go to Mexico, or do u require peace, try Bali!
  5. Research about the place before landing. Check out all the cool spots you can go to and places to hang out. Preferably get in touch with a local and find out the exquisite places which are not known to the tourists. Those are actually the most fun places to hang out at.
  6. Book in advance, surely you don’t want to land up after a tiring journey and keep hopping from one hotel to another to find the perfect spot which fits in the budget. Even if you can’t book online, do make list of places you can stay at before landing through internet, yellow pages, or friends. It would be easier after organizing when u know which hotel to hit next.
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