Cruising to South America could be one of pleasurable cruising experience

South America

South America is situated between Atlantic Oceans and the Pacific and become the ideal place for cruising. It has also the most varied cultures and landscape compared to other cruise destination world wide.

It is literally not expensive cruising to South America. Years before, cruising is considered as a luxury vacation. Only those who have much money can travel by cruise. But now cruising industry is growing fast and they compete each other to get more and more passangers aboard their cruise ships. Lucky for us, the rates become in our reach.

Cruising is cost effective. Compared to other vacation which you have to budget for hotel and foods, cruise package includes cabin, three-time-a-day meals, and tours around the countries you visit. To cruise for a 7-day, you may expect nine hundred dollars per person. However, cruises to South America offer a hundred-dollar-a-day Cruise Condo for a regular traveler. Living in a South American cruise ship for months is possible with these rates.

On board the cruise ship, you can join a lot of activities and move around plenty of space, so you will not be bored. Nightlife is one way to have a social life and you will have a chance to meet different types of people.

Some fantastic ports of call in South America include Puerto Chiapas, Puntarenas, Santarem, Parintins, Alta do Chao and Manaus. Puerto Chiapas has an amazing landscape and finest archaeological sites. Located in Mexico, Puerto Chiapas has a very rich culture and exotic wildlife.

Located in Costa Rica, Puntarenas has something different at every turn. You can explore its tropical rainforest at Manuel Antonio Park. Puntarenas beaches are among the best in the world, while you can also admire its old colonial Spanish architecture. Santarem is located five hundred miles up the Amazon, this place gives an unforgettable cruise experience. In the upstream, you will see the rainforest wildlife animals like monkeys, frolicking in the trees.

Image credit: Jorge Brazil

Alta do Chao is located along the Amazon and is a lovely beach river resort. Like in Mediterranean, this port in Brazil has pristine sandy white beaches. This port also has stunning views with its tropical forests and little villages. In Parintins you can enjoy its fascinating beaches and mountain, and its Veleria Lake is a must visit. Parintins provides unique places and great souvernirs that only available in this place. Located within the Amazon tropical rainforest, Parintins holds huge festivals every end of the year.

Another ideal destination is Manaus which also located in Brazil. Manaus has a fascinating destination with its monuments built by the local years ago. You will discover amazing views as Manaus is one thousand miles far from the ocean and is the farthest navigable port on the Amazon.

By visiting those fascinating places, cruises to South America will become one of unique and unforgettable cruise experience.

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