New year's eve in Bangkok, Thailand

“Where do we go in celebrating the new year this year?” is the most common question that occur when approaching the end of the year is increasing. If you are in Thailand for the new year, then you are satisfied, there is some thing to do Thais know-how, and for this celebration. Thailand is actually one of the few countries in the world that celebrates a new year, three times a ‘ year! Chinese New Year is in February, Songkran Festival or the famous traditional Thai New Year in April and in the New Year the country provides a good reason to have fun. Bangkok offers a truly enjoyable, so let us put an end to this years celebration a completely new phenomenon. Let the old year behind them and announce the new year with the friends and families.

Magnificent fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

Like many busy city around the world, celebrating a New Year in Thailand can be very rewarding. Each countdown to New Year celebration has its own aura, so you can be sure to find something to satisfy your preferences. Whether it’s traditional, modern, theater, world music, clubs and pubs, or simply the magnificent Chao Phraya River, there are a lot of entertainment options for your magical countdown to the fireworks light up the sky. Then the party until the small hours. The center of Christmas and New Year in Bangkok is the intersection Ratchaprasong, home to Central World Plaza and Erawan Gaysorn, Bangkok.

Amazing new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

All these major Bangkok shopping district along Ratchaprasong, Ratchadamri and Ploenchit Chitlom around the area, the roads are wrapped in a brilliant light display that can compete with almost all the Western cities. Colored lights are hung in the streets of buildings and street lamps, not to mention the huge Christmas tree with many decorations. You can also enjoy a long row of palm trees with their trunks wrapped in lights and more elongated branches. To enjoy these moment is to combine with decorations shopping. The selection and variety of stores and products and the revenue is so amazing, holidays provide even greater value.

Stunning new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

If you have a passion for pleasure in the new year in public or in the Open, then Bangkok is the world’s big countdown to central Bangkok. The event is usually a large number of people with the party focus on Ratchaprasong. Crossing in front of Central World Ratchadamri Road. The focus includes a stunning light and sound with multi-media shows and live performances on stage by famous Thai artists, actors and artists. You can also choose the right atmosphere of wonder, part of a worldwide television audience as well as joy in the beer garden, attracts luck and the countdown to 2018 with other countries around the world. The city’s governor and other leaders also bless the coming year. The event will be broadcast live.

The best new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

Who does not love the great outdoors in one of the crowns fashionable and trendy club in Bangkok, where the parties are bound to blow up the air. Crowns younger usually visit places around Silom Road and RCA. And ‘quite funny, hilarious, and sweating like these places to obtain the maximum and party hard packed. There are also many bars and small restaurants around Khaosan Road. These dining spots showcase a wide range of entertainment for the international flavor to satisfy. The club scene in Bangkok is also very good. If there is a high-class elegance, or a trendy club, you can find, all with a friendly atmosphere of Thai. The live music scene is top class. Thai musicians provide a service tailored to each band.

Mind blowing new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

Several major hotels in Bangkok now offer something a little ‘more peaceful. Have organized events or parties. The wonderful places to take to those on the Chao Phraya River. Here the atmosphere is a sumptuous private gala, Dinner and light entertainment program and excellent views of fireworks, the sky above the city. On the bank of the river is one of the best places to be in Bangkok, but what is the river? There are several dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya river, where you can enjoy a quiet romantic dinner on New Year’s Eve are admired by the crowd and the best possible starting point for the fireworks. Remember that both parties are very popular with hotel and dinner cruises and we have a pre –. Book

Outstanding new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

Not only in Bangkok but also all over the country are celebrating, that is sent in the past year and welcome the new year there are outstanding in their own style. As for the next day? No doubt there will be some impact of the event last night, but you can always Indulge in a delicious buffet on New Year’s Day brunch with some of the most famous hotels especially if you overslept and missed breakfast. This is a fabulous start for the first day of 2018 that make you feel a lot is being revived. Or you can begin your day of the new year with a nice day shopping while on a fantastic shopping malls in Bangkok such as Central World, Central Chidlom, Siam Paragon and The Emporium, just to name a few.

Images of new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

Begin for reasons of absolute rest and relaxation for your new year pampered at a spa. Spa treatments in a spa complex in the city, you stimulate the senses and allow the body and mind, chill out to, to extremes. Assorted high-end hotels also have their shrines spa, and you can not go wrong here.

Wallpaper of new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

Otherwise, you can withdraw in a nail shop or massage shops in Bangkok trying to win a foot massage for healing to indulge. While the world of pleasure you will appreciate the professionalism of the staff you have with a smile, charm and care for all your diving session, nothing seems too much trouble. This is a fantastic way to start the day with a great treat.

2018 new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

To ensure a more traditional and refined into the new year, drop many Thais from the nearby temple on the process in relation to a new bright and prosperous new year. To organize a large number of provinces, including Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket and Krabi, the celebrations for the New Year in style of great religious in the early morning. Even with half the amount set in Bangkok and upcountry visit family or on vacation can be a good opportunity to relax and from BangkokPo ‘less crowded than usual attractions.

2019 new year's eve fireworks in Bangkok, Thailand

Whatever you choose, whatever you are looking for Christmas decorations, shopping, spas, special meals and parties, or it’s all here in Bangkok. Have fun and a happy new year 2018!

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