Ideal way to travel in a RV
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Traveling in an RV

Without a doubt, RVs (or recreational vehicles for short) are arguably the most versatile types of vehicles out there. Doubling as a means of transport and a home, it is the ideal vehicle for travel nurses who’d rather not lug loads of baggage from one house to the next. The …

Work as a travel nurse
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Is a Travel Nursing Job the Right Choice For You?

Depending on the type of assignment a traveling nurse becomes involved with, she can find herself being just as busy as she would be if she was working in an emergency room. Likewise, she could also find herself in a relatively laidback environment, and this is why a traveling nurse …

Travel Nurse
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What is a Travel Nurse

Almost any licensed nurse can become a travel nurse. Travel nurses work in different hospitals in various cities, typically for 13 weeks at a time. Other health care professionals can also take travel assignments, but it’s still more common to find nurses traveling the most. Hospitals have various reasons for …

travel rules with girlfriend
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Five Rules…For Travelling With My Girlfriend

The crew jumps for joy as summer hits Ireland (Inis Mor) Just for a change, the daft commentary from the Ben corner began unseasonably early. Barely two minutes after landing in Dublin, I turned to Tamzin and remarked, quite earnestly, “It really is green, isn’t it?”. From there Captain Obvious …

Roman's bath hub
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Bath like a Roman

“Care for a Roman Baths, my dear?” As I strive to keep the tap-tap-tap sound of my fingers striking Tam’s laptop to a minimum – poor dear is passed out next to me. I begin with an apology for my recent tardiness. As many dear readers have pointed out, it …

Travel rules
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The problem with the travel Rule No.1

Tam snaps a familiar shape. Yes that’s right, John Belushi. Tam and I don’t fight often; rather we have spirited discussions which are usually resolved with the intervention of Wikipedia. Now, in theory Travel Rule No.1 prevents small arguments blowing up into Fukishimas. It’s kind of an antagonistic handbrake or …