The city of Ephesus

Discover the ancient city of Ephesus

The city of Ephesus is one of the most interesting and extensive ancient sites in the world. This is the center of attraction in the Aegean region. Here, you can see a successful application of grid plan, invented by the city planner Hippodamus. During the last years of the Ottoman Empire, Ephesus …

Complete Eastern United States (Travel Guide)

Eastern United States Travel Guides

Chances are, you’ve traveled to the United States before. As Canada’s neighbor, it makes for a relatively easy and popular trip. In our guide, we’ll cover some of the best examples of where to go in the Eastern United States; hitting up cities, historical sites, parks, beaches, and more as …

Lake Toba, Indonesia

Enjoying Lake Toba from the island of Samosir

Lake Toba is one of the most beautiful lake in Indonesia. Located in North Sumatra, the lake is about 62 miles long, 19 miles wide, and approximately 1,657 ft deep. You can see the beauty of the Lake almost from any angle, either from Parapat, Tongging, or from the island …

the Bijindo island, Korea

Enjoying the Silence, on Bijindo island, Korea

Planning to go to South Korea in the near future? If so, don’t forget to visit Bijindo island. The island also well known as Jeju. When setting your foot in Bijindo, time seemed to stop! A complete silence on the Bijindo Island In Bijindo, you will not find any car. …

Old man and the beauty of India

Exploring the beauty of India

Explore the beauty of India! This is a country with the most diverse cultures in the world. Blended with beautiful beaches, vast rice fields, holy temples and crowded cities, India is a great holiday gateway. City streets were full of color, a soothing natural scenery and stunning architecture to inspire …

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

What to expect in Burj Khalifa, Dubai

When you think about Dubai the first thing that comes to mind are the fine Emirati men or wait I meant to say the tallest building in the world which technically was built by men so yeah we can justify that thought but back to that a little later. So I …