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We sat down with experienced travel nurses to give you the inside scoop on how you can best be prepared for your new career in travel nursing. Here’s what they said.

Right Attitude

Many travel nurses agree that your attitude is the most critical component to your success and happiness as a travel nurse. You must be open to the adventure and be ready to learn new things and meet new people in a totally new environment. After making sure you have the right attitude you will want to do your research, not only of the facility but also of the geographic region in which you’ll be living. You can do your research online by visiting a city’s chamber of commerce website. You can also google the city or use sites such as

Travel Nurses and Boy Scouts

What do good travel nurses and boy scouts have in common? They are always prepared. Your agency will let you know what you need but you must show up with everything in order. States and facilities will differ with what they require and your agent will help ensure you have your credentials, licenses, identification and necessary paperwork ready to go before you leave. In fact, a good travel nurse should be over prepared – so keep that in mind!

Keys to Success

Being flexible and willing to adapt is KEY

Remember, you are going to a new place, a new facility and a new experience. Being flexible and willing to adapt will make the experience all the more enjoyable. This will not only help make you happier but allow you to work more. The more experience in specialties you have, the more places you can go work!

Also, something that seems like a no-brainer is asking questions. You will be in a new site and have to learn some things on the fly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Travel nursing is an adventure and should be fun but will also be a chance to learn and grow. The best way to both enjoy and grow from your experience is to have the right attitude and adapt to everything around you. You already know how to do your job – all you need to do is prepare yourself for doing your job in some other part of the world!

Top 10 Travel Nursing Tips

  1. Make the most of your free time
  2. Learn about the area before you leave for an assignment.
  3. Read and understand your contract before you sign it.
  4. Make sure your documents-including your nursing license for the state you’re going to-have arrived
  5. Ask questions. There are no stupid questions.
  6. Be informed about your benefits, especially your health coverage.
  7. Understand your Relocation Assistance.
  8. Take Advantage of the Continuing Education Credits. Learn more at Education For A Better Life
  9. Make sure your agency profides personalized assistance.
  10. Remember that attitude can make all the difference.
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