How you can save thousands of dollars on travel cost and make $10,000 a month at the same time!

TVI Express travelers
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Most savvy business and pleasure travel consumers utilize the power of the internet’s public search engine travel portals to handle all of their travel needs. TVI Express travelers use their own personal travel portals, and do so at deeply discounted rates compared to other travel booking sites such as Orbitz and Expedia. Along with the deeply discounted rates on Air, Car Rental, Cruises, and Hotels.

TVI Express members are also creating home-based entrepreneurial opportunities. Travel Ventures International, headquartered in London, is using the internet to change the world of travel landscape as it has been known up until now.

The company came onto the world travel scene in January of 2009 in the UK, India, and China. Currently there are over 350,000 members around the world all enjoying the Travel & Earn benefits the company has to offer its members.

In July of 2009 they opened its doors to the Western world and changed the way United States business and pleasure travelers go about making travel plans and building home based businesses for themselves.

The memberships are a one-time investment of $250 plus one-time processing fees of $25. Each member is given their own personal travel portal allowing them to book all of their travel arrangements at discounted rates 20-50% lower than what they would find at Travelocity, Orbitz, or Expedia.

They also offers their members a 110% Best Rate Guarantee. Should they find a better price on another travel booking search engine, TVI will match the price and give them an additional 10% discount off the difference of the competition’s price.

As an affiliate of Travelocity, TVI Express is changing the world of travel business as it has come to be known. Not only are the travel rates the best in the world, but the lucrative incomes for members are amazing, thus makes this company as a revolutionary new business model.

Members sell memberships to other travellers as well as people looking to work a home based business. The more memberships they sell the more money they make just as in any traditional business. The return on the $300 investment can potentially turn into $10,000 rather quickly as more and more memberships are sold.

Since TVI is a Travelocity affiliate, Travelocity makes more money as TVI members spend more money on Travel. TVI Express makes more money as more and more memberships are sold. Most importantly, TVI members are enjoying deeply discounted travel and the opportunity to earn a very substantial income from the comfort of their home office.
Everybody’s a winner in this World Series!

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