Camping, tenting or caravanning can bring your family closer

Camping, tenting or caravanning

Have you ever seen the movie entitled RV? Basically, the story revolves on the adventures of one American family as they spend their precious summer vacation in a road trip while riding an RV instead of lying on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. The movie follows the family as they meet new people along the way. In the end, the collective experience shared by the members of the family made the closer to each other.

Today, seeing a very close-knit family is rare. You see families where the parents are so engrossed with their careers and making money for the kids that they have forgotten that they are doing it primarily for their family. Their work ends up destroying their relationships with their children. As a result, the children push their parents away, preferring solace over an absentee parent. After all there hardly is any difference to being alone, and having a parent you hardly see at home.

Without their parents, children grow up without the proper guidance. They do not have the right moral values to guide them. As a result, a lot of kids and teenagers go astray and end up hanging out with the wrong crowd. In the future, they could end up as drug junkies or petty thieves. Worst case, they could end up in prison or in death. Now, before the possibility of such bleak future even opens up for your children, you have to do something. As a parent, it is your responsibility to take your children on the right path. You can do that by taking your family on a camping trip.

Were you surprised? Do you believe that a camping trip could make a difference to your family? Yes it does make a difference. When you take your children to go on camping, you spend some quality time together as a family. Your children may initially hate leaving their friends behind and trading the comforts of homes for a tent or a caravan, but eventually they will come around. They might even thank you for it.

During a camping trip, you can go tenting. You do not need separate tents; there are eight-person tents available that can fit an entire family. Involving your children in family-oriented activities like pitching up the tent is one of the first steps you can take to get closer to your child. While you’re at it, take the opportunity to talk to your children and get to know them better. This allows them to open up to you little by little. Once out there in the wilderness, you can go fishing or hunting game with your children. They will surely love doing those with their parents.

If your family wants to be on the road, for the most part, of the vacation, surely, your children would enjoy caravanning with you. At night when you have to park that caravan to a stop someplace, you can all sit around in campfire and exchange stories and catch up with each other’s lives. Talking to your children and giving them quality time has a really big impact to them. They will definitely feel more secured that they are not losing their parents to something else.

During the time you spend camping, tenting or caravanning, it is best to be consistent with your children. As you are cutting their ties from their friends back home, then you should set an example but getting a time off from work as well? As a parent, you should set the example to your children. Give this time solely to your children. The idea may seem quite surprising and a little bit crazy at first. Yet this simple idea can definitely hold your family together and help ensure a brighter tomorrow for your children.

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