Best ways to get around Phuket


Transport is one of the major concerns for the lesser number in the flow of tourists in and around Phuket. Cost is one of the major factor affecting tourism at Phuket, The available modes of transport in Phuket are very less in compared with any famous tourist spots, places like Bangkok have many options such as sky trains, buses and mini taxies which are reasonably priced.

The problem arises as soon as you keep your feet out of the airport; u may find it tough to choose a taxi to your hotel among the drivers who try to grab the customers in to their cars. You may be asked to pay more amount than the actual amount for a meter taxi, a fare of 600 baht may be billed from Phuket to Patong instead of its actual fare 400bhat, but you can negotiate with a little effort, and not getting into bargaining.

Once you enter the island you would definitely love it and would like to see around. This can be done by hiring a bike for 200 baht a day, for which you have to make sure that you carry your driving license with you. You need to wear a helmet always for your safety and to avoid any kind of problem with police. It would be easier for you to roam around if you also carry a road map of Phuket with you.

Are you not interested in riding a motorcycle, or renting a car?

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Then you can depend upon public transport too, songhtaew and buses travel around the hot spots of the island covering almost all the corners, normal fare would be around 20 baht. These are accessible throughout the day but not in night times, you are going to defend yourself during nights. Though there are metered taxis, you can find them only around airport and one can not expect a good taxi service over there.

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Alternative way of transport is Tuk-tuks, and this is merely a choice. You may be overcharged and you will have to confer the charge. Be safe, because the tuk-tuk drivers may some times be very arrogant and don’t get into any kind of fighting with them for refusal of full payment or any thing as such. Short distances can be travelled comfortably by Motorcycle taxies, who will be sitting around wearing bright colored vests which is motorcycle-taxi drivers uniform.

Make sure of the fare before you hire one. Your hotel management will make arrangements for your transport by charging you a little amount, if it’s quiet a good one. You can find way back to the airport on a Airport bus (details of routes here – for a fare of 100 baht, which picks up passengers throughout the day.

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