Best travel tips for frequent flyers

Travel Tips

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Whether for vacation or business, a frequent flyer knows the two main objects of traveling are speed and affordability. If flying costs you more than you expected or takes too long then what’s the point? Flying needs to be an enjoyable experience but if the line to get on the plane takes longer to get through than the actual flight, you have a problem.

Now there are plenty of helpful travel tips you can learn here, for all forms of traveling including; cruises, driving, train and others, but let’s focus on flying for right now. First, what are you packing? Is there any way you can reduce it to just have a carry-on bag? The best travel packing tips can show you how to cut almost any suitcase in half, especially if you are just traveling somewhere for a few days.

Weekend travelers really only need a nice pair of slacks, shorts, undergarments for each day you will be gone, one shirt or blouse for each day you will be gone, a couple pairs of shoes that go with all the clothes you have packed, your toiletry kit and that’s about it. If you can’t fit all that into one simple case then you may have a problem. Making a checklist for traveling is not only simple, it is the smart thing to do. By reducing your luggage to a single carry-on item you not only save money on baggage fees, you also save time not having to check it in.

Another helpful tip for the frequent flyer who is in a rush is to get a ride. A friend, family member, taxi, town car or whatever you can find. So often the biggest hassle for people at the airport is finding parking and then walking all the way over to their terminal. This takes time and can cause a lot of frustration if traffic is heavy.

Getting a ride means you show up and are dropped off right in front of the terminal. Speaking of the terminal, did you know you can actually print your boarding pass at home rather than having to go to the counter for it? Combine that with curbside check in and you should be able to get through the line in no time at all.

Now all of best travel tips and travel packing tips may help you to save time, but what about saving money. How can a checklist for traveling help you to save money on air fare besides limiting baggage fees? Well that is also easy if you are a frequent flyer. We often look at the times of flights rather than which airline is available when we make our plans. By using the same airline you get more frequent flyer miles which means you save money when you travel, and if you travel a lot it adds up.

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