Best time to apply for a cruise ship job

apply for a cruise ship job
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Even though there is no perfect time to apply for a cruise ship job, there are periods during each year when cruise line companies increase their hiring efforts to ensure they are fully staffed during the busiest seasons for them, those being Christmas and the long summer vacation. With the northern hemisphere summer literally around the corner, the cruise line companies will be gearing up to start a large recruiting campaign, therefore this would be the opportune time for you to begin your application process.

A lot of potential cruise ship job applicants are considering applying for cruise ship jobs within the next few months in order to be hired for the summer. Don’t wait. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can get started on following up on your application. So, get your resume out as soon as possible in order for you to be interviewed, hired and placed on a ship, because it is all about timing. April and May are the best months to apply if you want to try to get hired to work during the busy summer vacation.

Then, once other applicants send in their resumes and cover letters for potential summer employment, it’s entirely possible that you may have already been offered a job and are simply waiting to be placed on a vessel.

The last thing you want is that your resume is received with the thousands of other resumes that are sent just prior to summer. In order to secure your dream cruise ship job, you should put yourself ahead of the competition by applying for the job today!

For the most part, many cruise ship jobs are not seasonal and hiring occurs throughout the year. However, a great opportunity for you to get your foot in the door, so to speak, is by applying for a seasonal job.

Being a youth counselor is a great example of this. Youth counselors are employed year round. However, during the peak seasons, the amount of children that are on board increases, so does the amount of youth counselors that are required. Although many of these counselors may be teachers (working during their own vacation), other counselors may have the intention to gain some on board experience in order to apply for a full time position.

Due to the turnover of current crew members and the launching of new cruise ships, generally, as I said, the hiring of new crew occurs throughout the entire year. But, during the summer months (school holidays), cruise ships sail at full capacity and therefore need more crew on board to compensate.

To get employed into the cruise line industry is very competitive. Therefore, getting your resume and cover letter into the hiring managers before your competition starts thinking to send theirs in is a crucial first step.

I hope this would help you to a apply for a cruise ship job, and get hired.

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