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Washington, District of Columbia, or Washington DC was established in 1790. The city is designed in the style of medieval Europe. The United States government seriously strengthens its history through a city and Washington DC is the city to perpetuate the history, pride and greatness of the United States. We can visit some of the sights and historic places here.

Washington DC has many foreign embassies and even the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and many large buildings standing tall in this city. White House, which was designed by an architect named James Hoban built in 1792 and this building is in Washington DC either. This is the official residence of the president of the United States since 1800 until now. It was standing in the corner not far from the open area in the city center.

In downtown there is an open national parks namely the National Mall. It receives more than 20 million tourists each year. In Washington DC, you can visit the largest reflection pool, Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. This pool, is located just east of the Lincoln Memorial, where there is a pedestrian path and shade trees on both sides.

In one corner away from the National Mall, you can visit other famous buildings, namely the United States Capitol. This building was built in the 1800s by William Thornton. The building has a large ribbed dome in the middle. If you visit the Washington Monument in July you can participate in the celebration of Independence Day, 4 July. The celebration is usually celebrated with a variety of events and closed with fireworks.

You can also visit the city of Georgetown located not far from Embassy Row. Georgetown is one of the historic city and is located on the edge of the Potomac River. The city is also located at the famous university, the Catholic University of Georgetown. This area is very attractive, beautiful and fashionable. The buildings around Georgetown is very unique in its architecture. Many restaurants and cafes for food lovers and fashion boutiques are along the way, this is one of the reasons to make Georgetown became one of the favorite place to hang out in Washington DC, even the Georgetown area also used as a shooting location for a few times for some famous movies, such as The Exorcist, All The President’s Men, St.Elmo’s Fire, Transformers, Minority Report, and many more.

One side of DC’s most vibrant city is Chinatown. Quite a 20-30 minute walk from the Pennsylvania Avenue. Here, all kinds of food are available, there are  many varieties of entertainment, and lots of snacks or souvenirs can be purchased. You can also visit the Falls Road Golf Course in the area of ​​Potomac, Maryland and the best part is, you can play golf at one of the best fields in Washington DC, but you have to carry all the golf equipment by yourself, and you will need to rent a caddy too. There are 18-hole course built on a land area of ​​60 hectares of former plantation east of the Potomac, it has been operating since 1961.

You buy a number of distinctive merchandise Falls Road too. Satisfied with the historic streets, it’s time to enjoy a culinary tour. The country’s history is a series of diverse ethnic groups that build a country called the United States. So if you want to look for food from various parts of the world, America is the place. Mexican food, Italian food, African food, even the Japanese food is tasty. United States is the heaven for the lover of burgers, although the food has gone international, ranging from Burger King to McDonalds, tasting burger in his native land is an experience in itself. Taste, feel, and discover the sensation.

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