The best routes for an around Europe trip

With so much to see in Europe it may be hard to decide where exactly to go and what’s ok to leave out.

With so much to see in Europe it may be hard to decide where exactly to go and what’s ok to leave out. However if you’re interested we’ve found some of the best routes for an around Europe trip that will keep you moving but definitely help you check off that to do list.

By Train

The Eurail has many different itinerary’s including the European Highlight itinerary. This plan will take you on an around Europe trip that can be completed in 15 days. For example one route takes you through 13 amazing cities, all the way from Paris to Barcelona. It also includes Venice, Amsterdam, Rome, Prague and much much more!

This also means that you will get to relax on the train and enjoy incredible sights right outside of your train.

You can slo visit Europe without having a specific itinerary and just playing it by ear. Over at RailEurope you can buy one of their multi-day Eurail Select passes and go wherever you feel like through multiple countries.

Preplanned Tours

Another option would be to take a tour that has already been planned which is great for people who want to pay a little more money so you don’t need to do any planning during your stay.

There are many options to chose from but here are a few of our favorites that will take you throughout all of Europe.

Top Deck

As we have mentioned many times before, Top Deck tours offer incredible packages that are geared towards active young adults ready to explore it all.

They offer short trips that last only a few days and all the way through their Mega tours that go as long as 49 days and over 20 countries… yah, they’ll have a tour for you.


Contiki tours also offer a wide range of tours that will take you throughout Europe while making your travel as easy as possible. They gear their planning on the 18-35 year old crowd and make sure to include plenty of stops that you’ll love.

With so much to see and do they’ve created a massive collection of packages so that you can find the perfect one for your vacation!

Backpacking/Individual Travel

If you consider yourself an adventurer and like complete spontaneity, a great option for you may be to get to Europe and just go wherever your feet take you.

If you’d like some inspiration I would take a look at this page which covers over 40 cities in a extremely efficient around Europe trip. You don’t need to follow it exactly but it might give you some ideas for your spontaneous travel.

Either way you go, always make sure you are prepared and ready for a safe and fun vacation!

As you can see there are many different options and opportunities out there, the question is which one is best for you. Let us know in the comments below what you think and what destination excites you the most!

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