Bali is the best holidays for family


Bali is a wonderful vacation spot for chilling out with your family because there is something for everyone out there! The best way to enjoy Bali with your family is to rent a villa near the beach or in the beautiful countryside. Since a villa will offer you privacy without being intrusive, you can enjoy some quiet time with your family.

If you happen to ring kids along, a villa is a perfect place to stay as it will offer the kids security and open space to play in. So let the kids play in the pool while you share a quiet glass of champagne with your partner in the garden. Villas are perfect for family vacations in Bali as it is in the villas that you can customize every bit of service according to your taste and needs. For instance, if your kids want to eat a hearty Italian meal while you and your partner were planning a barbecue evening, just inform the villa attendants and your wishes would be taken care of! This kind of personalized service is unthinkable in any five star hotels where most people end up staying spending thousands.

Book a villa for your family for security, privacy and to enjoy those precious moments together away from the madding hotel crowd. Mornings can be spent with the family sight- seeing or just generally lazing around the beach. However, if your children are very small do not let them wander off. The surfs are really high in Bali during certain times of the year and might be very dangerous to leave little kids unattended.

It’s a good idea to get our family involved in local culture, customs and traditions. For instance, if you happen to visit Bali during the Balinese New Year or Nyepi, they can get a first and account of Balinese culture when the local people make colorful Papier Mache effigies.

Watching a Balinese dance recital with the family can be an enjoyable way to spend an evening. Most Balinese dances are centered around the great Hindu epics of the Ramayana or the Mahabharata. They make for wonderfully colorful, musical and high drama performances which the kids will surely love.

Though Bali boasts of a great mélange of cuisines from around the world, you must taste authentic Balinese cuisine with your family during our vacation. Of course, it is best that before offering your kids the food, you taste it first to check if it s too spicy for them especially if they happen to be very small.

And lastly, no vacation in Bali is complete without shopping at the fashionable Seminyak streets. But be prepared to bargain hard with the vendors. There is always an extra 30- 50% charge on the MRP for everything. Again, leaving kids unattended in crowded marketplaces is not a good idea at all. The traffic is very unorganized and if you are not used to walking on crowded streets, it could prove to be quite dangerous for you or your kids. So be careful with that.

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