US Customs explained, know before you visit

Your first few times going through US customs are bound to be a bit intimidating. There’s a lot of new jargon to learn and a handful of regulations to be familiar with. You might also be wondering if


The best of Berlin in a weekend

Cultural and cosmopolitan city of Berlin is a city that enjoys by millions of tourists every year, and with good reason. With a fascinating history and exciting daily life,


Austria travel advice for historical locations

Anyone looking for a holiday filled with history and beauty need look no further than the breathtaking country of Austria. For hundreds of years tourists have traveled to this region and for Austria travel advice it is recommended to research your destinations thoroughly to ensure you make the most of your trip.

North America

Kayak Whale Watching In Rosarito Beach, Mexico

Most people know that they can go to Cancun or perhaps Cabo San Lucas to sit on the sandy beach and enjoy the beautiful, lush natural environment. Mexico is known for good times and fun in the sun, but there is something else you can experience there–whales!


Ways to locate Cheap International Flights

Locating cheap international flights is not a task that cannot be done. Anyone who is planning a trip abroad has the ability to save money on their airfare. You may believe you are trapped by the market prices of airline tickets but this just is not the case.


Traveling to exciting places of Africa

Tourism to Africa is becoming more and more popular and is expected to continue increasing in the future. Estimates are that tourism will become one of Africa’s best sources of income over the next decade.