Read this Questions & Answers before traveling to Mauritius

What type of accommodation is obtainable for a family on a moderate budget? We prefer self catering accommodation?

Mauritius Self Catering is now hugely popular and there are many selections to choose from. Self Catering in Mauritius is unquestionably the ideal answer for families on a budget and for those who prefer to be flexible.


John’s story after traveling to Genoa

It was very early in the morning when I arrived in the Piazza Principe railway station. I took the night train from Rome. It hadn’t been a comfortable sleep for quite some time then.


Alex’s story after traveling to Barcelona

Over spring break, I met my sister in Spain for my first (adult) trip to Europe. (I went on a family vacation to London when I was much younger, but don’t remember very much.) My sister is currently studying abroad in Spain, so it was the logical country to meet up in. (Although I didn’t make it to the actual city she’s studying in.) I had a midnight-flight out of Kansai Airport, which ensured I was nice and sleepy by the time I got on the plane and actually managed to sleep a bit.

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How soon can we go traveling? I miss Hawaii so much

I’m pretty much a loner when it comes to traveling to Hawaii. I don’t care to shop very much, after I get my fill of chocolate covered macademia nuts, so admittedly my favourite island is Kauai. The terrain is beautiful and the hiking trails extensive. I prefer to stay there late October or early November.


Top three historic places to visit in Serbia

Serbia is a country in Southern Europe, once part of Yugoslavia, and as with most European countries, Serbia has plenty to offer its visitors. The county has had its difficulties in the past and these have helped to create a wealth of historic places and cultural sites. Here are three of my favourite historic places to visit in Serbia. Perfect if you are a history buff, a lover of great architecture, or just looking to.

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Ancient civilizations Aztecs and Mayans – Travel Tips

Spot On! Both the Aztec’s and Mayans were ancient civilizations torn down with the conquest of the Spanish in the 15th centuryth but what is the actual difference between the two sets of natives?