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A really growing tourist area of the world is the Queensland of Australia, and Australia has a good success at marketing this area to the people. They have so much sunshine that the area has long been called the Sunshine State. In addition to the sun this means they don’t have much rainy weather which makes it a fantastic tourist destination any time of the year.

In an attempt to further boost tourism, Queensland, has unveiled their latest slogan for the region at an event to took place on the Gold Coast. The new saying, designed to take the place of the old one, Where Else but Queensland, is going to help express the true nature of the region with the new tagline, Queensland, Where Australia Shines. This is truly a much better slogan.

Now surely one might think that this change doesn’t hold a real impact for the region but when backed by an over four million dollar investment campaign, should really play a key role in helping to boost tourism for the entire region especially with all the additional press this region is getting from the Oprah visit back there. This comprehensive campaign is a global one and it has definetely help in further encourage people to visit the region.

Yes this region has some of the planets most fabulous shorelines and the weather is great, creating a fantastic holiday destination for the public, and it also include some incredible natural benefits, the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef are both in this region. With the new slogan visitors are given a bit more information about the Queensland and it’s nature but also it lets them know about the Aussies who live here, as they are wonderful people.

The unveiling of the new face for Australia is being done along the gorgeous Gold Coast. There are many people who feel that it is definitely time for the new slogan as the current one has been in use for promoting the Queensland for twelve years. So the time for a change has happened, and it will present a fresh appearance for those around the world as they think about this region full of beauty.

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