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Spot On! Both the Aztec’s and Mayans were ancient civilizations torn down with the conquest of the Spanish in the 15th centuryth but what is the actual difference between the two sets of natives?

Firstly the Aztec’s were strong believers in human sacrifice and these types of rituals were held many times throughout a day, whilst the Mayan’s did use sacrificial techniques to pay homage to their deities they would be of a lower tone for example a offering of human blood orperhapsa goat rather than than killing a living person!

But what really set these two apart were there scientific believes and experiments, The Mayans were fascinated by the stars very much like the ancient Greeks and even went to create a Mayan calendar which ends in 2012 due to people’s belief’s this could possibly be the end of the world.

The Aztec’s lived a very aggressive posture to life, and paid most praise to a single ruler while the further civilised Mayans had many towns which are still standing today and can be visited on Mexico holidays Each town was led under the rule of an elected member of society very much like modern societies with politians or presidents.

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Although the Aztec’s came into existence long after the Mayan’s there language varied massively even there words for god varied ” Aztec: Quetzalcoatl and Mayan: Kukulcan.

To this day there are strong traits of Mayan blood in the Mexican people as calm and harmony is what you’re morally expect from a native Mexican family, but the newer aged Aztec civilisation died out much sooner before the Mayan’s did due to their strong “live by the sword, die by the sword “beliefs, which suffered to the swords of the Spanish.

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If you take an involvement in Mexican antediluvian cultures why not visit the Magnanimous Aztec and Mayan civilisations which still stand strong in many states throughout Mexico, but if you’re interested in the beautiful climates and weather of Mexico alternatives you may be interested in are Cuba Holidaysor for another cultured inspired holidays why not look into Antigua Holidays were you’ll discover the life style of the ancients Tainos people.


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