A great place to stay in Leh, The Grand Dragon


Image source: thegranddragonladakh.com

If you are looking for a hotel in Leh, look no further than the Grand dragon Ladakh. This is one of the greatest four star hotels in this area. It is a luxurious four star hotel located in the Ladakh valley. It is set in a beautiful environment that combines the desert scenery with a spectacular view of the cultural beauty found in the area. The view of the hotel is amazing and you should only consider staying in this hotel in Ladakh.

There are many attractions that you can see when you are in Leh Ladakh. The hotel is located conveniently near all the major attractions so that you do not have to trek very far to be able to view them. This gives you more time to tour the valley and relax in your favorite hotel. To enjoy your stay in Leh, the grand dragon offers you various activities that you can take part in so that you are never bored. In case you get sick, there is a doctor who is always on call to ensure you get the proper treatment

The hotel also offers dry cleaning and in house laundry to make your stay in Ladakh more pleasant. To feel more relaxed the hotel has a body massage chair where you can get all your massage done. This helps to enhance your health and promote your well being. Here you will also get the best staff in all of Leh Ladakh. These courteous individuals have professional training in various fields of expertise to make sure your stay in the hotel is fun. They have extra training in customer service to ensure all your needs are met. No one offers great accommodation in Leh Ladakh like the grand dragon. It is run by a family who has been in the business for over 30 years. This has given them experience as to the best accommodation to offer their clients.

The hotel has a number of rooms that are well decorated and furnished. The rooms have a touch of traditional architecture that makes them look unique. All the rooms are air conditioned have constant water supply and have room service to make sure you enjoy a luxurious stay. Unlike other hotels Ladakh, it has a lift that is open all year round.

All the rooms have television, internet access and international dialing for entertainment purposes. This great hotel Leh also has a conference hall where you can hold all your business meetings. In addition to this, it has a VIP lounge where important people sit down and have a good time. The hotel has a shopping arcade that has different shops where you can purchase all the items you need. For the people who love adventure Ladakh, the hotel organizes treks in the valley outside the hotel. They also offer luxurious Swiss tents that you can use for camping. The best months to visit the Grand Dragon hotel is the between the months of July and August when there are numerous activities.


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