8 Things to remember when choosing travel insurance policy

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When you start to plan your travelling, you need to pay special attention to the travel insurance policy. But we all do not need the same type of policy, because every policy depends on where and why we travel to some particular destination. There goes the saying that different travelers do take different trip and therefore they have different needs. However, there are some basic things to know and tips to follow when choosing upon the best travel insurance policy.

  1. As the first thing to realize and plan is the type of the coverage you will need when you sign up for the travel insurance policy. That coverage may include the cancellation of your trip due to many reasons such as getting sick and needing medical care, being required to come back to work, losing your job, missing a flight, loosing your bags along the way, having an accident and so on.
  2. Make sure that the policy you are offered has the free look period, which means that you have 10-14 days period to read your policy, understand it and ask questions before you decide on taking it.
  3. Warning for you is to read thoroughly and with understanding the sections of the policy called Benefit section and the Exclusions section, just in order to avoid misunderstandings. The first one clearly describes which type of coverage you receive while former describes when benefits are not applied.
  4. When it comes to the medical coverage of the policy, your policy needs to offer the cover of 2 million pounds inside the Europe and 5 million pounds worth protection coverage outside of Europe. Make sure that you informed your insurer of the pre-existing medical conditions that affect you and people you travel with or they will have the complete right to refuse you the payment when you need one in the case you lied to them.
  5. In order to be counted as a quality policy, yours need to offer the coverage for your lost money, luggage and other valuables you might have. If the problems arise, the policy you have chosen needs to offer you at least 1500 pounds of coverage money.
  6. Another thing to be covered by the policy is personal liability in case you by accident hurt somebody during your vacation, or damaged their property. Be careful to look out only for the policy that covers the damage of at least one million pounds.
  7. Check if some unplanned and hazardous things are covered by the policy in case you decide to indulge them while on vacation. For example those like: jet skiing, bungee jump or any other extreme sport, maybe elephant ride and alike. Usually, they are covered only on a limited basis or they require premium policy.
  8. Also you should look for extra features covered by policy such as spectacle-wearer feature in case you wear glasses and they end up broken accidentally or you end up stranded in some other country if the plane you boarded broke or something.

When in the end you compare the policy with your desired list of coverage, it will show you if you choose the best travel insurance policy possible.


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