South America

One of the most interesting regions of the country has most of the Amazon rainforest, occupying more than 61% of the Brazilian territory. This means a rich cultural diversity, with a diverse biomes in different species of animals and flora. Exotic destinations are unusual features of all the states that make up the North. Extraordinary beauty and unforgettable experiences are distributed to the mountains that another part of Brazil. Enjoy relaxing on the famous beaches of fresh water, also known as river beach. In some places, during the dry seasons, sand banks emerge cutting these landscapes, transforming these destinations into a real paradise.

Alter Do Chao, Para

Known as Amazon Caribbean, Floor Alter beach is located in a village of the same name, 38 km from Santarem in Para. The beach has gained international recognition in 2009 when the British newspaper “The Guardian” put it among the ten most beautiful beaches in the Brazil.

Paradise beach, Mosqueiro

Mosqueiro, or “Island of Love” as it’s popularly known, is the largest island in the municipality of Bethlehem and is increasingly attracting visitors from around the world to harbor more than 15 fresh water beaches, among them is the Paradise Beach.

Ponta do Cururu, Santarem

Ponta do Cururu is one of the most beautiful beaches of Santarem, comes in a short period of no more than three months between September and November. The beach of fine white sand is surrounded by lush vegetation and has clear, warm waters.

Barra Velha, Marajo Island

Exotic paradise and the Old Bar Beach on Marajo Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. Access is on a track with an average of 10 minutes on wooden platforms between the present mangrove throughout the region.

Ponta Negra Beach, Manaus

The beach is about 13 km from the city center. Ponta Negra is framed by buildings, sports facilities, bars and restaurants which ensure movement during the day and night.

Tupe Beach, Manaus

Located about 30 km away from Ponta Negra waterfront, the Tupe beach can only be reached by boat in just over an hour trip.

Praia do Tupe is exposed for most of the year, but the best time to visit, is from August to March, when the Rio Negro is still low. However, if the dry Rio Negro is too strong, the beach could end up being isolated from an extensive range of mud, hampering its access.

Turtle Beach, Fish

Located 302 kilometers from the capital, Palmas, the Fish municipality offers good alternatives for those seeking fresh water beaches in the state. Among them is the Turtle Beach, which offers restaurants and bars.

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South America
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South America
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South America
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