7 best family resorts for your next vacation


Ideal location, comfortable accommodation, complete amenities and a whole lot of fun activities are just some of the reasons that a resort should have to be considered as best of the best. All around America, family resorts are sprawling in every state offering you the chance to have a good and enjoyable time. Whether you’re hoping to get a good dose of rest and relaxation or want to show your kids what fun family time is all about, you’re sure to find something on this list of the best family resorts in the country.

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1. The Breakers

Nestled in Palm Beach, Florida, one of the most famous beach spots in the country, The Breakers resort can offer jam-packed activities that both you and your children can enjoy. If you want some bonding time, you can go to their Friday night bonfires or weekend sports contests. You can even let your children join the kid’s camp that lets them do indoor activities like arts and crafts. For the bigger kids, the camp also does outdoor games like scavenger hunts. And while kids are at camp, parents can enjoy the golf course, spa, five swimming pools, three fitness centers, or go shopping at designer boutiques.

Keeping the theme of an Italian Renaissance style, they have a great Italian restaurant which is attached to a Family Entertainment Center designed for kids to enjoy while parents sit back and enjoy their meals.

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2. Winnetu Oceanside Resort

If you want a unique and laidback experience, then this resort in Martha’s Vineyard might just be what you’re looking for. Taking a step back to its old world charm, they offer programs for your children like swimming, treasure hunts and other group games. The whole family can also enjoy boat races with clambakes and s’mores. To add to the fun, they have magicians to entertain the whole family. You can also join their farmer for a day program which takes you to the Farm Institute to learn old methods like how to make goat cheese or shear sheep. The property has a wellness center, tennis club and a life size chess set.

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3. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you’re thinking of going on an African Safari but want it to be closer to home, this resort can give you the same exhilarating experience without having to travel to another continent. This may not be your typical resort which definitely makes it stand out among the rest. They feature an amazing variety of wildlife that can be easily viewed outside your room’s balcony. All rooms carry a traditional African theme. Throughout the property, adults can also appreciate authentic African art collections like Nigerian masks and stunning wood carvings.

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4. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa

This Hilton resort takes kid club’s to a whole different level. Not only is the place designed to be a luxury beach getaway for adults, they offer a lot of activities that children can enjoy. Your family can take part in the Atlantis submarine tours and see a sunken old passenger plane and a coastal freighter.  They also have hula dancing and fireworks display on Friday nights. You can let your kids join Camp Penguin which engages them in Hawaiian crafts making, storytelling or takes them to the Waikiki Museum.

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5. Out ‘n’ About Treesort

Treesort is probably one of the most unique resorts in the world. Found in the woods of Oregon, it is a resort that rests on a treetop much like a tree house. The place has fourteen individual tree houses that can accommodate around two to eight people. The adventure begins as you try to reach your tree house with ladders, stairs and a suspension bridge that’s 90 ft long. Their family complex has fire poles and rope swings that are sure to get the kids excited. Other activities include going to the Treehouse Institute, summer camp for the whole family, horseback riding, pools, rafting and arts classes. For a more challenging experience, they also have a 51 foot rope climbing course that will lead to a treetop pool.

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6. Circus Circus

There’s nothing more whimsical and enchanting more than a circus. The Circus Circus resort in Las Vegas doesn’t only hold spectacular shows and airborne stunts at the center stage; they also have a carnival with over two hundred games. For both the young and young at heart, the resort has an indoor theme park called the Adventuredome where you can play miniature golf, laser tag or go on rides.

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7. The Hotel Hershey

This is one resort that can you give you the complete Hershey experience. Adults can enjoy chocolate themed spa treatments or go golfing. The kids on the other hand can join the Cocoa Kids Club. They also have adventure sessions like woodland explorations and scavenger hunts. The Hershey Park nearby has roller coaster rides while the Hershey Chocolate World will give you a look at the art of chocolate making, let you create your own choice of candy bar and has an added bonus of chocolate tasting.

A perfect vacation means having something that each member of the family will enjoy. Whether you to choose to hop on a plane or drive to your vacation destination, the excitement alone should last you all the way back to your trip home. For adults, and children alike, these resorts are sure to give your whole family a fun-filled vacation with great memories to look back to.


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