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Want to have fun while shopping for your next vacation? Online is the answer – we show you why!

Vacation shopping should be fun, easy and exciting, while saving you time and money. But before the Internet came along, that wasn’t always the case. We had to visit our local travel agency, wait in line, go through numerous catalogs, and then cringe at the price of that Hawaiian vacation package.

Or, we tried to do it over the phone where we spent most of the time listening to elevator music, or waiting for days for the travel agent to return our call.

Of course with the Internet, all that is a thing of the past. Or, is it? For those who still need convincing, here’s why you should shop for your next vacation online and join millions who’ve discovered this is the only way to go:

1. Big Time Saver

We once conducted a test by calling one of the major airlines to book an international flight while at the same time logging on to their website. By the time we got through to an agent via the phone (apparently, they had heavy call volume), we had already submitted our online reservation (a high-speed connection helped).

2. Ease & Convenience

Most travel sites are easy to navigate, and valuable information is only one click away. And best of it all: it’s available 24/7, 365 days a year. No “we are closed on the weekends,” or “call back during normal business hours.” You can easily access as much information as you want, whenever you want and, if you are wireless, from wherever you want. Response time for your inquiries or bookings is usually within 24 hours.

3. It’s Exciting!

It ‘s much more exciting to look at travel sites on the web than leafing through brochures or catalogs. Not only do you see breathtaking shots, you can also take virtual tours and listen to the indigenous sounds or local music. For ski enthusiasts, you can see a live shot of your favorite mountaintops with up-to-date snow conditions. Sun and ocean lovers can gaze at magnificent beaches while listening to waves crashing on shore. Are you having a dull day at work? You can brighten it instantly and silently (make sure you have headsets on for the audio portion) by browsing through your favorite destinations.

4. Online Deals

You can find many deals on vacation packages online. Online vendors can offer reduced rates because it costs them less to do business on the Internet and they pass those savings on to you. An online shopper recently scored a $100-a-night hotel room with a view of New York’ s Central Park through You can also choose to be notified of last minute deals and fly to Paris for $300 roundtrip. The beauty of the Web is that you can comparison shop among unlimited choices.

5. It’s Fun

Because shopping online for your vacation is easy, convenient and saves you time and money, it becomes a fun and exciting experience. Get your next vacation off to a great start…shop for it online.


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