4 Wonderful attractions in the City of Lights, Perth

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The city of Perth is a great choice for modern tourists. Located in the Swan River, the city of light or Perth is a capital of Western Australia. The city is crowded with a variety of activities and attractions, nevertheless the environment in Perth is ideal for relaxing, it’s open and friendly. Well, here are some interesting sights worth a visit.

Fremantle Harbor

This is the place where things are always busy and crowded. Cruise ships, boats, they docked at the pier while locals and tourist altogether enjoying the sight, foods and other fun stuff. This is a great place to take a selfie, believe me. Another thing to add, this place has some good restaurants serving delicious seafood, don’t believe me before you try it yourself.

Cappuccino Strip

The location is not far away from the port of Fremantle. It’s quite a famous place, everybody would know it, so I guess you can reach the location effortlessly. Basically, this is a street filled with cafes, restaurants and pubs. Here, you can find all kinds of foods and beverages. The locals call this place Cappuccino Strip despite there wasn’t only a cappuccino that is being served, but also other kinds of foods and beverages. If you love foods this is a great location for you, besides, if you come here when the cultural festivals being held, you might have the chance to see the Fremantle Festival Street Parade. Believe me, It’s a great Festival. Which is more, this is the area where  the creative people are hanging around, so in addition to the Festival you might be lucky to see these creative people performing their magic, arts, music or tricks or whatever it is.

Swan Valley Vineyard

Do you know that Australia is now the largest wine exporter to the UK and the second largest exporter to the United States? This might be surprising, but yes, it’s true, here you might want to see the statistics from Winetitles Media.

Now, let’s talk about the quality, the taste of this Australian’s wine. First of all, of course swirl and sniff. Then go in for the sip. The first thing I would say is that it’s a complex wine. And all the flavors, it stays on the tongue for quite some time. You should taste it yourself, I guarantee you, the wine will dance across your tongue. May be some years ago these wines aren’t that good, because some connoisseur said so. But someone starts somewhere, right? And today, you can taste a great wine from Australia.

In Perth, you can visit various types of plantations that produce great wines. You can walk along the rows of vineyards, enjoy the nature, take a selfie or whatever you like. And the good thing is that you can stay in the lodgings and finally taste some good wines. Don’t worry about the budget, it’s affordable.

Swan Valley is a nice place. If you have a partner, it would be very romantic to go down the Swan River to enjoy the view of the entire valley.

Animal Park, Caversham

Visiting Australia won’t be complete without seeing the country’s icon which is Kangaroo. You are probably wondering “can I see Kangaroo in Perth?” Well, yes, of course you can, Kangaroo is a typical sight in Perth. Truth be told, many tourists have their tale about how they see these charming cute creatures crossing the street. But In case you can’t have your tale, you can go to Caversham Wildlife Park to see it and have your story to tell. This park has approximately 2.000 animals, so besides Kangaroo you can also see Koalas, Tasmanian devil, Dingo, Owls, etc. The activities you can try among others; horse riding or even you can also ride a camel. If you are visiting Australia with your families, this is the best place for a fun holiday. The Last thing I want to say “enjoy the nature and the wildlife”.


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